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Finding use cases for NFTs as an indie animation studio.

Finding Use cases for NFTs as an Animation Studio

The case for a collaborative animated universe.

Use cases for NFT collectibles in their current state is limited without significant technological expertise.

However as they become more popular, the tools we use to create and engage with them become more sophisticated, we eventually will shift to a more sustainable ecosystem for legitimate projects to find their audience and offer unique experiences.

We want to find these emergent pockets of use-case goodness, uses that engage with supporters on a new level with our ideas.

In our case our first step is an updateable NFT collection where the creator (that's us) can lock in new meta information to the NFT collectibles with an episode number and time code when they appeared in our animated shorts or episodes.

This doesn't seem too significant, if not more of a vanity addition, but still, with the ability to lock information off at minting except the specific  "open sockets" that let us grow the usability over time, let us add more intimate ties to our world & your NFTs.

Other use cases are designing our NFTs to be useable in the growing future of NFT powered games or metaverse dapps that have been leading the way in usability across the greater NFT landscape.

Twitch Pixel is committed to a community driven expanded universe set around our world.

- Community through cartoons! -

We also wanted to find community use cases, that brought a powerfully passionate community together around a shared universe of comedy and depravity. A place which people who support, feel connected to in an entirely new way. 

Storytime events to help our buddings artists grow their skill set, building an audience around their passion and skill, and helping them learn production from script to screen while sitting as show runner on a bite sized project, all with a think tank of fans cheering them on!

So we start to see how we are in the infancy of smart contracts and NFTs, one where the small steps taken now to leave NFTs open for expansion and continued development, will drive more value for the supporters of these long term projects looking to make a better name for NFTs.

- Growth and Innovation -

As we bring more complexity to the NFT projects, we can also start to grow usability and integration with other platform. Simplistic forms of this already exist like on Twitter where you can validate ownership of you NFT to be used as a verified profile picture.

So what happens when people start finding ways to layer this complexity, leading the way to this almighty "Ready Player One"-esque metaverse we all want to see. Creators will require accessibility to these new features, meaning easy to use UI to enable and disable features of complex smart contracts, to really allow them to customize user experience for those owning and engaging with the perks their NFT ownership brings.

We decided to use Polygon for the beenfit of our supporters. No Gas war, no Gas fee's

Using Better, faster, and more accessible networks will be a necessity as well, our focus on Polygon, for near non existent gas fee's and no gas wars for our supporters, was a key element to deciding on MATIC as our token of choice. Along with this we decided on a lower initial floor price, and an even lower price for our early bird supporters on our pre-sale whitelist. (All accessible through our Discord server:

Choosing to lower the barrier to entry is a part of our commitment to a fairer, more honest marketplace for collectibles such as ours. and this trend is starting to move fast as supporters are finding it increasingly more difficult to find reputable projects that have a long term goal of success for everyone.

- Because this is all about community -

This is about people wanting to support a endeavor with plans to include them, not just ask for their money. A world where our favorite content creators can be compensated in perpetuity for their hard work, and help their fans and followers grow with their success.

But enough on that, our next article talks about our commitment to community and the idea of a shared universe. for now, stay safe out there, do your due diligence, support legit indies, and join our community if you want to help us realize this future!

-Twitch Pixel out.

Come hang out with us on

Discord Server for Twitch Pixel Studios 

Meet our team, read our road-map, listen to our story, and get access to all manner of exclusive content, sneak peeks, pre-sale whitelist, and a awesome group of dedicated people working to make the new thing in animation!

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Twitch Pixel
Twitch Pixel

Twitch Pixel Studios is an indie animation studio, founded by myself and my wife in 2017. We focus on community interaction to drive our stories to the next level!

Twitch Pixel Studios - Animation, Gaming, NFT, Art
Twitch Pixel Studios - Animation, Gaming, NFT, Art

We are an up & coming indie animation studios trying to build a different way to use animation, engaging WITH fans, and growing and animated universe together through NFTs! We will do this through gamification, community events, and an expanded universe of animated shorts filled by fully animated versions of our NFT characters! These shorts will fill out our world and lore around our first main series Unicorn Dick: Investigations. for More information on our NFTs and show.

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