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Earning Crypto With Your Phone -- Yes, You Can Still Do That

Earning Crypto With Your Phone -- Yes, You Can Still Do That

Earning cryptocurrency can either be very easy for some and also be overwhelming to others.

If you are someone that is just starting to get their feet wet in the crypto world there is a new app that is now available that can be run on your phone.  

We have a new kid on the block called Alpha Network with the Alpha Coin

Alpha Coin is Different

  • The Alpha Coin has a limited supply of 500 million. In this way they can ensure that your coins that are mined will hold their value in the future.
  • It's fair, decentralized and honest. What you see is what you get!

Download the app now, it is currently only available on Android with the Apple app launching soon

Sign-Up today to get 1 free Alpha Coin by using my invitation code: TwstdSlip

A complete FAQ and access to their White Paper is available on their website.  Give it a read before deciding if you want to jump in on the limited supply.

Check them out:

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