Raise Virtual Chickens and Sell Their Eggs for Bitcoins

Turning Eggs Into Bitcoin

Follow along as we raise virtual chickens and turn their eggs into GOLD which we can then turn into Bitcoin

Raise Virtual Chickens

We have been raising virtual chickens for a few months now and have gained a decent amount of gold from our current chickens on a daily basis. The best part is that I have not paid out of pocket for any of my chickens.  In the beginning to get a jumpstart I cashed out BTC from my Crypto Tab Mining directly to Chikhen to purchase some affordable Raven Chicks (150 Gold per Chicken)

At the moment of writing this post we are currently gaining 2000 eggs per hour

2000 Eggs Per Hour

We have two types of chickens in our farm at the moment, Raven and Coton.  Each day we sell the eggs for gold and have started saving the gold earned in order to buy the higher level chickens.  The more chickens the more we will earn in return.

Raven Chick

Coton Chick

Eventually we will cash our to BTC but we have not hit that threshold just yet.  

If you also want to start raising your own chickens and start farming that BTC please consider using my sign-up link.  You will receive 300 Gold for signing up.  Enough for two Raven Chicks for FREE 

Chikhen Sign-up: Join Chikhen Today

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Twisted Slippers Chikhen Farming
Twisted Slippers Chikhen Farming

Raising virtual chickens are turning their eggs into BTC. Follow along as we share our ever growing farm and maybe you can join along with us

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