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This blog will feature various guides and reviews on different quality altcoins projects where I touch on the fundamentals behind it to provide a better understanding of the project! :)

Binance: A Genius' Passion

12 Jul 2019 15 minute read 8 comments TwiceCrypto

It was the year 2017. Everyone was trading on Bittrex and it was considered to be a sanctuary for altcoins. Bittrex was the clear choice of being the heir to succeed the long-forgotten Poloniex where every aspect of the trading platform was better th...

Is the shilling of ChainLink justified?

21 Jun 2019 6 minute read 2 comments TwiceCrypto

Partnership with Google?   On June 14, Allen Day, a Google Cloud Developer Advocate wrote a blog post describing how BigQuery data can be made available to an Ethereum smart contract - using a Chainlink oracle smart contract. He demonstrated how Cha...

Synthetix for Dummies

15 Jun 2019 8 minute read 12 comments TwiceCrypto

I was researching about decentralized finance when I first came across Synthetix from a tweet from @DegenSpartan. (Learned a lot from his views/knowledge about DeFi & Synthetix - definitely worth the follow!) It was really difficult to comprehend the...