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By niallon11 | Tv and Movies | 26 Apr 2020

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Brand new to Netflix and currently trending no.1 in Ireland I settled in to watch Extraction last night after dinner. With Chis Hemsworth as the leading actor I thought it's worth a shot as he tends to be in some solid films. You can have a good guess at how it's going to go just from that but sometimes all you needs is something big, loud and full of action.

The plot for the movie is simple enough. A drug dealers son is captured by his local rival. Chris is brought in as a mercenary to extract him but is then double crossed after rescuing the boy and all hell breaks loose from there. Set in in Bangladesh it covers a race through the crowded city, breaking down apartments, car chases, corrupt cops and all the other basics of a standard action movie.

I like Chris Hemsworth as an actor and he has been in some great movies in the past few years since Star Trek. He fully integrated into the Marvel universe and plays a great Thor, (Especially fat Thor in Endgame). He does put in a good performance here as well being the all action merc that kills everybody around him as he tries to escape the city, but the movie itself just isn't up to much.

"The film was released on April 24, 2020, by Netflix. It received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the performances of Hemsworth and Hooda and the stunt work, but lamented the story and excessive violence."

The plot is very basic and doesn't really go anywhere. It's all very predictable and even the action sequences serve no real purpose. It's just fighting for the sake of putting it into the movie.

The movie runs to 2 hours as well and had lost my attention long before that point, never really bringing anything interesting to the table. All i can say is that it is watchable but there is no good reason to actually watch it other than to kill time.


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