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By ETHNomad | TheETHNomad's Blog | 9 Jun 2023

Hey guys, I recently found myself unemployed and back to the job hunt this past couple weeks. I figured maybe it would be helpful to share some tips and tricks I've used to either make the job hunt easier, or tested methods that have guaranteed me an interview over the years. So let's begin.


Tip#1. My first tip is to always use more than one job board. This will give you a wider array of jobs in your area that you may be qualified for. To follow up on that, don't apply with 1tap resumes, instead apply directly on the company's career page. As a member of middle management in past roles I can say from experience that I have always drawn better candidates from the applications that come in directly from the company's career page. Half of the people I ended up calling from indeed didn't even show up for their interview 🤷‍♂️ So yes, by doing something this simple, it shows a level of initiative that others aren't showing.


Tip #2. Improve your resume! Now this step is extremely important, when writing your resume I've found it's best to refine your skills to bullet points and use good vocabulary to describe your responsibilities in your role. This shows the employer that you're smart, and you also know how to refine information in a useful way. Now I won't necessarily condone lying on your resume, but white lies are totally acceptable. I dropped out of college, but on my resume it says I graduated with my AS, this is an acceptable use of a white lie, I gained the knowledge and experience from college to do most administrative work exceptionally well, so I feel confident in saying I graduated. This is no lie, most employers in need DONT even check references/past education. I've put it to the test, and I typically receive the job I'm seeking and further refine my skills. Fake it until you make it.. it's truly been sound advice for me. I refuse to pay an institution to learn a skill that I could easily be paid to learn with on the job training. I believe colleges don't retain the value they once did. If I graduated in my field I would have found entry level work stating at roughly $15/16 per hour. Seems stupid when most leadership positions at retail businesses pay more 🤷‍♂️ So my advice is simple, white lies won't hurt your resume as long as your confident, a fast learner, and can accurately describe the roles of the position you're applying for. 


Tip#3. So many people throw their names into a figurative hat to be drawn from and they never take the initiative to reach out to the employer first. I've gotten almost every job I've wanted by simply calling the business, asking for management, and politely asking about the status of your application, hell I've even just politely asked for an interview and gotten it. Go the extra mile and show the initiative. You will typically get what you ask for ✅


I hope that this article was relatively helpful, I used to think these things were common knowledge until I began speaking to people about the subject, and I learned that a lot of folks benefit from this advice. Anyways, have a great day guys! I just released my new Album "Euphonics" this week on OpenSea ✅ feel free to check it out right here ⬇️


"Euphonics" by TheETHNomad  


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