Tales from the graveyard shift

By Tšuhna | Tsuhna's /ak/ stories | 5 Feb 2022

>A man yawns as he walks up to the CNC mill and checks the terminal to see what caused the machine to stop milling and start beeping instead.
"Of course something goes wrong just as my last shift for some time is about to end, what broke this time?" he talks to himself while shutting the machine down & looking around for the padlock used to lock the machine's main power switch so it can't be switched on while someone is inside the machine.
>Having found the lock and secured the power switch he opens a panel to see the problem for himself, the error code referred to a jam while the machine was milling the bolt head.
"Let's see, wha-, how did this bolt head end up looking like this at this point of the process? Ahh, I see, the bit got chipped at some point, causing this part to not get shaved as it should, should be easy enough to fix..." he mutters while flagging his supervisor.
"Is there a problem Anon?" the supervisor asks.
"This bit is chipped, leading to the machine jamming when the bolt head doesn't get milled properly, should I simply replace the one bit or do you think we should check all of them?"
"And halt the production for hours when we just got a big order from the government? Are you nuts?" the supervisor asks.
"So, just the one bit then?"
"Yes, write it down in the log so I can sign it & go home, any further breakages will be the next shift's problem anyway..."
>Anon replaces the chipped bit, checks the unfinished bolt for irreversible defects & upon finding none decides to try and let the machine finish milling the bolt.
"Are you aware your shift ended already?" the guy from the next shift asks Anon while walking up to the machine.

"I already started fixing this thing, might as well save you the time and effort of figuring out why the machine has been stopped, what has already been done to get it working again & what remains to be done" Anon replies as he closes the panel, removes the lock, turns the machine back on and tells the machine to repeat the last couple steps of the milling process before moving on to the phase where the machine stopped.
"...You are trying to salvage the bolt?"
"Well, yeah, all of the bolts get thoroughly inspected before they are taken to the Assembly, the alternative would mean extra paperwork in order to account for a missing bolt."
"Good point, what happened anyway?"
"A jam caused by a chipped bit, I replaced it, didn't see anything else wrong with the machine, you might want to take this bolt and the next one straight to Quality Control to make sure everything is in order" Anon says after picking up the finished bolt, giving it a visual check for imperfections.
["I'm fine, thank you very much"] a female voice says seemingly out of nowhere.
"Wha-did you hear that?" Anon asks, startled.
"Hear what?"
"...Nothing, soo happy this is my last shift in a while..."
"Oh, that's right, take care out there Anon!" the colleague exclaims while grabbing & shaking Anon's hand.
"Yeah yeah, enjoy your night shift!" Anon says as he hands the finished bolt over
["Thank you Anon"] the female voice from before whispers in Anon's ear.
"...Soo tired..."

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I'm a Finn, until now I have mostly written anime/mobage fanfic, I have been on a hiatus for some time, maybe if my content is welcome here I may get the spark to start creating new content.

Tsuhna's /ak/ stories
Tsuhna's /ak/ stories

I write fanfic for military and weapons -related anime series and mobage such as Strike Witches, Girls Frontline and Upotte, but also original content. WARNING! Some of my stories include weapons and/or vehicles with spirits (think Kami from Shinto religion), some of which can turn into cute anime girls.

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