Not so long ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

By Tšuhna | Tsuhna's /ak/ stories | 11 Aug 2022

June 9th 20XX, European Space Cruiser "Robert Schuman"

>"Sir, we are about to drop out of hyperspace" the helmsman's report interrupts Colonel Hanssen's thoughts.
>"Major O'Malley, sound "battle stations", I want to be able to fight our way through the combined fleets of the Wraith and Goa'uld the second we drop out of hyperspace if we have to" Hanssen orders his XO, it would make for a very sad ending for their mission if they were attacked by a superior force immediately after dropping our of hyperspace in their destination, a newly discovered galaxy which they had been ordered to explore.
>"Dropping out of hyperspace in 3...2...1...Now!" the helmsman counts down as the Daedalus -class space cruiser drops out of hyperspace.


The trip had taken exactly 31 days, having started on Europe Day. Hanssen could still hardly believe this was possible; it was only two years ago that the UN Security Council had informed the World about the fact that not only was there intelligent life outside of Earth, but that Earth had been at war with a number of hostile species for two decades & caused three of them to go all but extinct.
>The various reactions of the 7 billion+ people who had been in mortal danger God knows how many times without knowing it had been predictable: outrage that five nations had had access to alien technology, including devastating new weapons, for years without sharing it with the rest of the World, the accusations that Americans had endangered the entire planet while pursuing their own interests, religious nuts preaching about how the war against the alien species was the final proof of the approaching Armageddon (so far over a hundred cults with a total of 10 000+ followers had attempted mass-suicide, some of them succeeding while most others had failed), and especially in Europe the fear of Russia using the acquired technology to conquer Europe & establish their Eur-Asian Union with Russia holding the reins.

>Now with all of this in the open, Americans, the French and the reluctant Brits had forced a resolution that all of the acquired technology was to be shared with EU, starting with the construction of two Daedalus -class space cruisers & delivery of 80 spaceflight -capable F-302 -fighters for the European Space Defence force, "Schuman"had been the first to be commissioned with "Brussels" entering service a month before the start of this mission.
>Russians hadn't been too happy with the idea of EU receiving two ships when so far they had only been delivered one & that one had already been destroyed, the British were content with their "Winston Churchill" as were the Chinese with "Sun Zu" & couldn't care less about Russia's grief, the French however insisted that one of the two was supposed to belong to them alone & were trying to get "Brussels" staffed with an all-French crew.
>Because of these reasons this mission had been kept under wraps until the last possible moment, lest Russians or Chinese might try to interfere or even rush to explore this new galaxy first, when the mission was finally revealed the opposition wasn't limited to Russia and China either; the EU parliament kept debating the mission until the very minute the mission was supposed to start.
>Yet here they were, in another galaxy only a minute behind schedule; the green light for the mission came precisely one second after the original launch time & "Schuman" entered hyperspace exactly 59 seconds later.
>"Scan complete, we are orbiting a Mars-sized planet with an athmosphere, the visuals show seas and what looks like vast grasslands spotted by forests and what might be settlements" an analyst, an airforce lieutenant, reports.
>"Very interesting and all, but what I'd like to know the most is if there is anything of military importance in the vicinity" Hanssen responds.
>"Define "of military importance" O'Malley asks just as something hits the ship.

>"Something like that" Hanssen responds as he turns his attention to the tactical display. There are two large, gray ships approaching from five o'clock, high.
>"Hard to starboard, military thrust! Captain Müller, give me a firing solution for those ships, I want to be able to blow them to pieces the second they fire again! XO, damage report!" he starts giving orders.
>"All systems functional, shields at 100%, either they have a habit of firing warning shots at a reduced power level, or this is going to be a very one-sided fight should they fire again" O'Malley reports.
>"Incoming transmission!" the signals officer interjects.
>"Audio, video or hologram?" Hanssen demands, annoyed that the lieutenant didn't include this piece of information to her report.
>"Unknown sir, our systems can't make heads or tails of this signal!" the signals officer responds.
>"Figures, send the standard hailing signal on all bands, maybe we can find a way of communicating with them" Hanssen orders as he takes a look at the main screen where a larger image of the two ships is being projected. The ships seem to resemble those from Star Wars...
>Just as Hanssen is finishing this thought one of the unidentified ships starts making a hard turn & exposing its' superstructure to them, revealing the arrowhead -shape of the hull.

>"Are you fucking kidding me? I suppose they have a Death Star as well?" O'Malley voices everyone's thoughts, the ships look exactly like Imperial I -class star destroyers, up to and including their size: the computers state their exact length to be 1600 meters.
>"Should we launch fighters?" the onboard fighter squadron's commander asks.
>"Against those things? If that maneuver is what I think it is we are about to receive a swarm of enemy fighters and bombers" Hanssen shoots down the proposal.
>"'That maneuver'?" O'Malley asks, fucking normies...
>"It's called Marg Sabl in Star Wars saga, using your hull as a screen while deploying fighters/bombers."

>As soon as he had said it, Hanssen realised he had been careless: he should have taken preemptive action as soon as he realised what was happening.
>"Hard to starboard! Get us away from that ship! All railgun batteries prepare to fire along the edge of that ship! Main batteries are to take aim at those radome-like objects at the ends of that tower and wait for my command!" he starts giving orders in a frenzy, hoping he's wrong.
>"Armory, prepare two Mark IX -warheads for immediate delivery, set the timers to ten seconds and wait for my command! Engineering, be ready to beam two payloads inside the base of the towers on both of those ships!"
>Just as he finished issuing orders he saw it: a swarm of small craft appearing from the other side of the closest star destroyer.
>"Railguns open fire! Main battery open fire!"
>The railgun batteries across the superstructure of "Schuman" erupt as they open fire, tracers sweeping across the edge of the enemy ship & taking out those small, black ships trying to get close, but the wall of metal spewed by the railguns doesn't let anything through, after charging for a few seconds the main battery fires a bright white beam at each one of the radomes, effortlessly penetrating the shields and destroying the radomes, upon seeing this the other ship opens up with all it has while the wounded ship seems to have been crippled by the loss of the radomes.
>"Engineering, do you have delivery coordinates?"
>"Yes sir, ready when you are!"
>"Armory, status of the Mark IX's?"
>"Ready and waiting."
>"Armory: timers; Mark!"
>"Engineering: delivery: Mark!"
>"Payloads delivered!"
>"Helmsman, get us away from those ships, emergency thrust, all power to aft shields!"

>The anxiety of everyone on the bridge could be cut with a knife as the countdown approaches zero, what kind of effect would the warheads have on ships like that? The second ship keeps barraging "Schuman" but it seems they aren't deploying fighters, which is good as the railguns had expended all of their ready ammunition in that first salvo & needed to be reloaded.
>"...Zero!" O'Malley finishes the countdown.
>"Lieutenant Diaz, report!"
>"The second ship has ceased fire, the first ship has lost all power!" the officer in charge of external sensors reports.
>"Incoming transmission! Nature still unknown!" the signals officer reports.
>"Keep hailing them on all bands, helmsman, bring us around but keep our distance, I want to see their next move with my own eyes!"
>Minutes tick by as the signals officer tries to establish communications with the surviving ship, then the sensors officer reports:
>"Contact, one unarmed ship escorted by four fighters!"
>"Launch two fighters to meet them, they are to hold their fire unless fired upon!" Hanssen orders. Maybe they are sending negotiators?
>The enemy fighters break off and return to their ship as the two F-302s pass the shuttle and come around.
>"Full scan on that unarmed ship, how many crew and passengers as well as are any of them armed, you know the drill."
>"Already on it sir, three people in the cockpit, one of them carrying what seems to be an energy-based pistol, six passengers, five of them humanoid, four of them armed with energy-based carbines, the sixth being seems to be a robot."
>"Very well, have the fighters escort them to the port hangar, send a security detail to port hangar and have everyone else vacate it, XO has the bridge!" Hanssen orders as he gets up and heads for the ring transporter with two armed marines.
>"This should be interesting" he says to himself as the transporter activates.

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