a demonstrator holding an edited picture of Putin outside the Russian embassy in Riga, February 24, 2022

Putin is like a violent drunkard

By Tšuhna | Tsuhna rants and raves | 24 Feb 2022

Today Russia invaded Ukraine, two days ago Alexey Navalny called Vladimir Putin a drunk grandfather & said that his behavior "would be funny if the drunk grandfather was not a man of 69 who holds power in a country with nuclear weapons", I don't think Putin is a drunk grandfather.

It's much worse than that, Putin is a violent drunk who abuses his family & is little by little allowing his house to fall into ruins while he rages about his neighbors, accusing them of abusing their own families, telling everyone to mind their own business when they comment on his (Putin's-) house, and threatening everyone around him with violence. When others call him out on his threats he says he has made no threats & that he won't do anything & that it is him who is in danger.

And now the violent drunk has attacked his neighbor to distract everyone from the fact that his house is a mess, and some of his abused family members are still defending him.

Russia needs to wake up before Putin pulls his house down on top of him and his family.


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Tsuhna rants and raves
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