Monetize your Internet connection with Honeygain!

By Tšuhna | Tsuhna rants and raves | 2 Apr 2023

Are you interested in crypto but don't have the spare cash to invest? Need "beer money" but don't have the time to spare? Why not try sharing your Internet connection through Honeygain?


"What is Honeygain?" I'm glad you asked, it's an app that pays you for sharing your Internet connection, it is legit and 100% safe, I have been using it for almost two years, click here to find out more on their website

Join now using my ref link and you'll get a $5 welcoming bonus, use the Jumptask mode to earn a 20% bonus on your Honeygain earnings (limited time campaign), and what's more, if you join using my link you'll get 20% bonus on your first task reward on Jumptask!

"What's Jumptask?" Jumptask provides you with numerous ways of earning crypto on Binance Smart Chain, be it bandwidth sharing, taking surveys, completing offers, playing games or staking their own JumpToken, available for trading on Pancake Swap, when you use Jumptask mode your honeygain earnings are paid into your jumptask account as they accumulate, giving you the choice of withdrawing your earnings to your crypto wallet for trading anytime you wish.

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