My wrenching experience in mining Aether from to get Wax

My wrenching experience in mining Aether from to get Wax

By tstn | tstn | 21 Apr 2021

This will teach you how to get WAX, essentially for "free", but written in the meandering manner that is my style. I just thought I'd put this here on top so you know what you're in for. So strap in cos we're in for a ride.

I originally thought l was going to write an opus as my next post: something about blockchain and the akashic records (when this whole phrase links to something instead of just the goop article for the akashic records that l linked to for fun, then it means l finally wrote the thing), inspired by an edge magazine article that l saved on pocket.

Then came the scheduled time for me to write it, and then l created a account, and wrote an introduction post there, instead. From doing that l acquired some style preferences that l will pepper this post with.

On to my introduction, albeit 4 paragraphs in:

  • Do you have some NFTs lying dormant in your wax wallet?
  • Do you find yourself running out of RAM when acquiring new, "free" NFTs with WAX?

That's the situation l found myself in, being this naive flunkie who just follows what their friends do in the crypto space, and if these things confuse you, then maybe this guide can help (fingers crossed).

In order to do what comes next, you will need to have the following:

*There's a way to stake NFTs if you don't have any yet, and it involves "playing" Alien Worlds.

I did prepare a draft for this, misremembering which is which, so the intro went,

"After the love has gone, and after the FOMO has died....",

because l thought l would be talking about collecting TLM. (I might discuss this on a separate post)

A friend encouraged me to get this started with a set of posts, formatted FAQ-style. I won't imitate the style, but l sum the info/steps as this:

  • Stake NFTs on R-Planet
  • If you don't have NFTs, get the starting items from Alien Worlds, and stake them
  • Collect Aether that you can exchange for WAX

In my draft, my false memory of collecting TLM was mentioned, and as an aside, l also mentioned that it was featured recently in Binance's launchpool, and l was able to receive some c/o the BNB vault.

The "wrenching" in the title stems from the fact that l struggled between using a mobile browser to access everything, and having bad signal the whole time, and failing to confirm transactions multiple times.

The zeroth step here is the creation of a wax wallet/account (for me it was.c/o atomic hub where l got my NFTs from drops). In my case l merely signed up with a google account for convenience.

With that done, we move on to the first step:

Starting out on RPlanet.

I followed the link my friend shared to me that went directly to the staking page, and was promptly required to log in.

I usually do this on a private tab, but since l wanted to take screenshots, l used a regular tab.

I usually do this on a private tab, but since l wanted to take screenshots, l used a regular tab.

I also didn't use brave browser as l was having issues with it vs atomichub, causing me to miss some nft drops (will review brave browser later on).

Logins upon logins: loginception.

Logins upon logins: loginception.

And when you get through all the approvals, you are greeted by the claim page.


At first l could not scroll down, so l checked the menu, and what-have-you (blame it on the slow connection).


At some point l was even asked to rotate my phone, leading to this view.


When all l really needed to do was to scroll down.

As soon as l was able to scroll l was greeted by the list of collections from which you can stake cards from.

I won't go into detail on which collections you can stake from, but make sure to check "more info" on each of the collections if you are not sure which ones you have NFTs in.

I forgot that l had NFTs in some of the collections so l registered on Alien Worlds to get these two.


Turns out l didn't really need to do that, but at least l have something to write about in the future.

After all the trouble with AlienWorlds, l realized l had stakeable NFTs so l checked all collections like l said above, and was able to stake quite a few from my collection.

The first collection l remembered was cartombs.

Here are the dope NFTs l have from the collection.


...except that they didn't load properly because of my slow connection.

(Can someone say, dial-up?)

At this point you can play the game, or when you claim aether, you can go to alcor exchange where you won't need to create a new account.


I went here...and couldn't log in!

Wax seemed to be missing, and l looked around the site before going back to check my messages.

Turns out you need to go to wax.alcorexchange, and it's slightly different.

On one you con login to your WAX wallet

I just had to make sure to login, then...

All l do is w...ait

Bam! You can now trade Aether/Wax.

Whatchu got on em candlesticks ya?

After a bit of struggling, l was able to scroll down, and click, "Sell".


I maxed out the amount of Aether l could sell, and l kept getting the loading screen, and my sale would not push through.

Hello wait screen my old friend

Turns out my wallet got disconnected after a while.


So make sure your wallet is always connected, and then you should be good to go.

After all that's finished, l suggest that you keep playing the game to earn prizes while it's still early.

At the very least you will have a steady source of WAX for when you run out of CPU.

  • To sum up, l used to think that guides were easy to make, but l now have a newfound respect for those who take the time to create guides. My intention was not to dumb things down--if it looks that way, it has more to do with me doing dumb things, not entirely unlike groping in the dark.

At some point in this experiment, l ran out of WAX for staking my NFTs, so l had to list to an item but that's for another guide.

It's hard to navigate this space if you're new, and if you are not careful, you can easily lose resources to transaction fees, if there are any, and that's a staple of the crypto space.

All in all it's fun to learn and do something new, and the theme of new planets, captures that sense of wonder perfectly.

I screenshot this logo, might as well use it.


l see and write about kōan-like musings everywhere, but l used to spell it as "koen" because my memory is not infallible. In layman's terms people would probably see my musings as longform/rube goldberg-esque dad jokes.


Primarily ASMR for the mind's ears. Will be updated to include topics that recieve greater mention.

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