Rugal (Korean series) looks very promising!

By trumpman | trumpman | 30 May 2021

Just finished the first two episodes of Rugal on Netflix, a Korean scifi/crime/action series that was recommended to me by the algorithm based on my previous watches. As a reminder, this is my third Korean tv series, the other two being Alice and Sisyphus.

And once again those damn Koreans keep impressing me! Very solid acting, interesting plot and very good filmography and special effects.

Now, I am either very lucky with the Korean stuff I have stumbled upon or the Koreans are simply great at this shit!

A thing I especially liked about Rugal, compared to Alice and Sisyphus, is that it puts way less emphasis on the drama and the romance and instead focuses more on the action. I really hopes it keeps going that way!

However, it also has less character building compared to the aforementioned shows, which was somewhat of a bummer. But this is just a personal taste.

Also it has less Korean hotties... At least for now :(

Anyways, I am off for my third episode. From what I have seen up to now it looks like a very promising watch!

If you like the genre you may want to give it a go.

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