N8V Coin Bombarbed Us With Some Amazing News Today

N8V Coin Bombarbed Us With Some Amazing News Today

By trumpman | trumpman | 3 Dec 2019

As I told you yesterday, today we were expecting some news from the N8V coin team and oh boy... imo they overdelivered and then some! First we got this nice tweet:


Link to bloomerg  

And then a new whitepaper:


Link to whitepaper

And finally, they announced a partnership with coinme, a company with over 3000 btc kiosks !


Not surprisingly, there was a small reaction from the market:


Don't know about you, I am glad I loaded some more coins yesterday ! It seems the N8V is starting to get really serious!

Here are some links if you want to do some research on the project:


I like to blog about the random shit I like!


Blogging about the random stuff I like..

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