Cells at Work is freaking epic!

By trumpman | trumpman | 10 May 2021

People in their 30s or more may have fond memories of the once upon a Time French cartoon series.

If you are not familiar with it the tldr is that it was an educational series about the human body, the cells, the organs, how it functions etc etc. The cells and the various pathogens were presented as anthropomorphic creatures talking, interacting and when applicable fighting with each other. The cartoon was really cool and I am sure it was a catalyst for my love for biological sciences.

Today I had a barbecue with friends and while reminiscing the past one of them informed me that there is a new anime series called Cells at Work with a very similar concept. I was told that I simply had to watch it.

I am already three episodes in and there are a lot more to go. Still, I have no hesitation to say that this is a must watch, even if you don't give a shit about sciences or learning something new. But if you do you're going to enjoy it even more! And if you have small kids you should let them watch it too!

Trust me, it's going to be way more effective then any school class! And it's epic as fuck!



Originally posted at https://www.cinetv.io/proofofbrain/@trumpman/cells-at-work-is-freaking-epic

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