Another record breaking month in revenues for travala!

By trumpman | trumpman | 30 Mar 2021

Travala released some hours ago it's monthly report, and guess what, it's yet another record breaking month:


The last record-breaking month was January, with the reported revenues being 1.275.049 $ and don't forget, march has two more days to be completed!

I doubt there's any other cryptos out here bringing this kind of real outside money into their ecosystem. A fixed circulation crypto with regular coin burns and coin buy backs going back to the users of their product. Not to mention that Travala is a tourism related product. And corona restrictions are slowly but steadily going down. The fun is only beginning and being backed by binance...success is almost guaranteed ;-)

Not financial advice, but if you looking for the next top 50 to take you out of being a miserable pleb to being a king drowning in pussy then maybe this is it. Or not. Lol.

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