An old photo..

By trumpman | trumpman | 7 Nov 2019

I was looking some old photos from back when I first allowed Google to spy...erm.. keep a record of my life and I stumbled this photo that brings some nice memories.. From when I actually took it some three years ago..

And from when I was a kid, and all those point and click adventures I used to play as a kid...


How I wish I could return to those times, just for a day, breaking my brain in front of a screen instead of reading my stupid homework 😂

If you have some free time for some retro gaming, play Day of the Tentacle and The Neverhood, those were my two favorites.

Smart, really original riddles and lots, lots of lulz...

Ok, I will go prepare my luggage . I will be spending tomorrow and the weekend in Ochrid, Fyrom for a much needed break!

Stay tuned!

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