Sins & The Sun

By troynamps | Troy Poetry | 17 Aug 2021

One day. In the times long gone and never to return, the sun forgot to rise. When morning came, the moon retired to its nest. The earth was left void again as forever told on the first page of genesis.

Naturally, people rose from their partial overnight death to pursue the new day. Alas, the day was nowhere to be found. Unseen confusion overwhelmed mankind and no one could explain the catastrophe. The time was correct, but outside was saying otherwise. It was night at daytime.

Social media went ablaze with posts of this boggling event. Photos, videos and news flooded the cyberspace; everyone was talking about it. Surprisingly, the time never stopped ticking and it never felt like evening. Scientists were called upon to explain the event, but none had a satisfying theory. It was never written before in the books of science and no one had ever been wise to take a study in that direction.

All the known prophets were summoned too and they all lied in the name of Jesus. All sorts of awkward prophecies were revealed in public, but still none had the answer. No one could explain what was going on. They blamed so and so for this and that, but there was no solution in any of their utterances.

The king became terrified now and was running out of patience. “How could you all not have an explanation and solution,” he asked. He turned to the prophets; “aren’t you the ones who speak to the almighty in your dreams?”

Nobody answered.

“Where is that one who once had lunch with God?” asked the king.

One of the king’s aides spoke out loud; “Your highness, I am told he was caught in bed with someone’s wife.”

The king exclaimed and looked with shock; “where is he?”

His aide answered, “he is probably on the run, hiding from his sins.”

“Of course,” retorted the king.

For a moment the silence became too loud. One could only hear the beating hearts and nostrils hissing. Then a loud noise was heard from outside the king’s court. “What could that be?” everyone wanted to know. At the same time no one dared to take the first step before the king’s order. The noise grew bigger and bigger with time. The king sat there wondering, everyone else fixing their gaze on him too. He stood to his feet and walked towards the exit. There he met the village drunkard fighting with the royal guards.

“Your highness!” shouted the drunkard. “I have a divine message for you.”

“From who?” asked the king.

“It’s for you alone, I can’t speak in front of these idiots.”

The guards felt deeply insulted and started abusing the drunkard. The king shook his head and started walking away.

“The land is crying,” shouted the drunkard. “It weeps dearly my king,” he added.

His words shot straight into the king’s old heart and he came to a sudden halt. “Let him go,” ordered the king.

“Eh-heh!” shouted the drunkard. “My king walk with me,” he said.

They walked round and round the garden and it was almost lunchtime. The maids invited the king for lunch, but he sent them off. Meanwhile, the drunkard spoke in riddles, but the king seemed to understand the gist of his story. With no hesitation, the king called for his chiefs. They all came for the emergency meeting to be chaired by the drunkard.

“Amongst you oldies, who dripped blood into our pure land?” asked the drunkard. No one answered and he asked again. He threatened the culprit with death if they chose to hide their guilt.

To the king’s surprise, majority of his chiefs stood up and confessed to their heinous acts of the darkness. The drunkard turned to the so called pastors and prophets. He asked, “how many of you have really heard the voice of God?” No one answered.

The drunkard laughed and turned to the king. He said to him, “your land is cursed.”

The king touched his head in shock. Clueless, he just kept staring at the drunkard. Looking at the chiefs and prophets, he felt disgusted and turned back to his intoxicated friend. He asked, “what about the sun?”

“Forget about the sun,” he said. “Clean this mess first because the sun is tired of shining on sin,” he continued. After he finished speaking, he looked at the people and told them to repent, lest the sun will hibernate forever. Thereafter the people confessed to their wrongdoings and repented. Whenever one person repented, the sun began to shine gradually. The more people spoke out, the more it became daylight and the darkness disappeared. The land was healed and the people lived happily ever after, in peace and harmony. With light every day.


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