If I Die Today: A Poem

By troynamps | Troy Poetry | 5 Apr 2020

If I die today
I want you to remember me
Like I am still a part of you.
Imagine that I never left
Hug me in your dreams
And refuse to let me go.
When you wake in the morning
I want you to look deep into the mirror
Smile at me and say you love me again.

I am not leaving,
I am getting rid of this fleshy burden
I am coming to live in your heart.
Remember me when you see the tree we carved our names,
Think of me when you see the bus stop we first met
But do not miss me, I'm still a part of you.
This is not a til death do us part
Beyond death we remain joined by our past,
Don't stop living. I may be dead, but my soul lives in you.

For all lovers out there today. Right now is the right time to love each other. Create memorable moments. I love you all. Thank you for reading and all the generous tips.

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