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By troynamps | Troy Poetry | 4 Apr 2020

It took me a while to start writing on Publish Ox. Why?

Well, the truth is that I felt a little intimidated to just start writing here. Whilst browsing on the Brave Browser I felt some kind of overwhelmed when I an ad that mentioned there is actually a blogging platform that one can earn crypto for writing.

Average college student hoping to make a few more pennies for coffee and other miscellaneous expenses. I couldn't see any reason to not sign up. So I signed up and applied to be a publisher. Fair and fine.

I then took a pilot survey of the frequently discussed issues. OMG! I was super flabbergasted and almost messed my pants seeing how much people are writing about cryptocurrencies left, right and centre. I said to myself, "I am a terrible candidate. I can't do this."

But I really wanted to. So I dusted off my fears and decided I will write. Believe me, it's really been a process getting to grow the right audience. I do not write much about cryptocurrency. The topic is still a myth where I come from and I am just still growing to understand it myself. However, I kept on with my poetry and articles.

Still, I wondered how why I am not matching other bloggers on earnings. Was it just me or something else? Again, I took another exploration through the arts section. 

It appears readers are not mostly interested in these arts. The niche is slowly dying whilst the writers we are fast growing. I read a few poems which were so enticing, but they still had very few likes and earned very little.

What's wrong dear readers? Are we not living up to the promise as creators of content? We need your love to show you more love. Stick with us so that we may stick around for longer. 

Poets are you there? Here's a message of hope. Do not be dismayed, because the audience is not big enough. Keep doing what you love and grow yourself from within. I do hereby make a proposal. That we set up our Publish Ox Poetry Movement. Let me see if you are up for this . Tell me in the comments section.

Many thanks to those who support my posts with tips and likes all the time. You hold a special place in my sacred heart. You're appreciated

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