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SURVEY SAYS! : How Theorem Reach and CPX Research Labs Can Boost Your Portfolio


         So, chances are that if you are interested in cryptocurrency, you are interested in free cryptocurrencies. I am not fond of making assumptions, but i am not beyond the realm of developing stereotypes in order to assimilate a more fluid lifestyle. 

        If you havent found COINTIPLY yet, I wouldnt hesitate to recommend it to you. This is a platform that offers you 5% APR for the coins you hold on the platform. Immediately, the next question you should ask as a cryptocurrency investor is, "How long has the platform been around?" If the company hasnt been around for 3-5 years, more formal research is imperative. 


         So, lets say you make a bitcoin deposit to COINTIPLY , whatever the USD amount you deposit will be held in your cointuply account. The platform features 

  • A 1 hr faucet
  • PTC ads
  • Dependable daily withdrawals
  • 5% APR on held coins
  • Withdrawal in Bitcoin (BTC), DOGE, Litecoin (LTC), and DASH

        Okay as a user of this platform for over two years, i feel it essential to mention that a decent amount of currency can be earned by MINDFULLY taking surveys. If you (through no fault of your own) are able to decipher the reoccurence of patterns amidst the Theorem Reach or CPX Research Labs surveys (you will find on the platform) you will be using this platform to its full advantage. I have used the platform to make up to $40 in a single week. 

        Here are a few Tips for survey taking : 

  • The initial questions of a survey are designed to eleminate an undesired audience from survey completion. Here, you will often find questions regarding the basic characteristics of the survey taker. 

                  (These questions can be personal. I dont have much to lose, being as I have already put 36 years away on this earth, and am grateful for more. So, i dont mind answerring any question posed to me)

  • If you are able to progress past the screening questions, you will progress to the actual survey.
  •  Higher paying surveys often are grounds for more sensitive screening questions. After serious repetition, the user will be able to quickly identify the questions that will disqualify them from the survey.  Full completion of the survey results in more earnings.
  • Although both, Theorem Reach and CPX Research Labs offer coins to participants that are disqualified from their surveys, adapting your answers is always the best bet.
  • If crypto assets suffer sudden crashes, withdrawal your coins to your crypto wallet to take advantage of potential price rises



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