Stormgain leveraged trading.

Stormgain's Leveraged Trading for Day Trading

By NickytheClone | The Clone Chronicles | 11 Mar 2022

      Introducing Stormgain

     If you haven't checked out  Stormgain yet, youre in for a pleasant surprise. Use the platform to day trade over 50 different cryptocurrencies. Ok, on the downlow, if you live in America, grab a VPN and visit the Stormgain website. If on a mobile device, from their website you can download Huawei's Appgallery, and from there, download the app.

     Features of Stormgain
  • Built-in mining feature lets you mine bitcoin which upon withdrawal will be accredited to your Stormgain account for use in future trades.
  • Trade over 50 different currencies at anywhere from 5X to 300X leverage. It should be noted that Bitcoin is the only currency offering up to 300X leverage. The others offer anywhere from 10X up to 50X.
  • Pick a buy or sell trade for each currency depending on your evaluation of where the coin will be heading.
  • "Take profit" and "Stop Loss" features let you settle your tade automatically after a certain price is reached or a certain amount is gained or lost. 
  • Also use the platform to buy and sell stocks and holdings of precious metals. 
  • The platform offers automatic trading algorithms for multiple auto trades of investments over $50. I have not used the bots just yet.
       In Conclusion

     I have used the Stormgain platform for over a year now. It started out very rocky. I leveraged my trades too high and made the wrong type of trades at the wrong time. I lost quite a bit of money when I first started on Stormgain. A year later, and I know how to use the platform succesfully. A couple months ago I secured $400 in profit off of a $100 deposit. This was just over the course of a week and a half.  It is an exciting way to trade crypto to say the least.

    Like always, don't deposit more than you are willing to lose. Leveraged trading is a whole different ballgame than spot trading. Enjoy!


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The Clone Chronicles

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