I'm Burnin' For You

By NickytheClone | The Clone Chronicles | 12 May 2021


                  If you're not aware of all the fuckin coin burns going on out there right now, you're a new guy. Or possibly you've found a way to "decentralize" yourself. Either way, let me tell you, the fuckin' crypto market is ablaze with tokens that are sporting a looooong ass row of zeros with a few whole numbers in tail. Find one of these worthless buggers, do some half-ass presearch, and you are sure to spot a link to a youtube video with a fuckin' dork explaining why that row of zeros will make its way to the opposite side of the whole numbers eventually. You're gonna see full names where ticker symbols used to be. I'm talkin' "SAFEshits" and "Moonfarts", "DOGGYPUPPIES,  oh, and don't forget the ever promising "FASTHERPES"


          For those of you lucky to have overlooked this expanding realm of market-ploy coins let me fill you in on the big "secret" behind the success these coins are finding. Because, all jokes aside, gains are fuckin gains.


                          The coins have a huuuuuuuge Total supply. I mean, whatever the hell comes after a trillion, it's that shit. 1,000,000,000,000,000 total supply of MARSDOGGIES or whatever the fuck they are. But the developers are taking a good portion of those supplies and just throwing them the fuck away. By burning the coins, developers are able to instantly increase the demand for their products. Call it market manipulation, call it voodoo, I don't give a fuck, call ME "on board". Truth is, I like doubling up, trippling up, quadrupling, quintipple nipple butter me up. I like to look at my shit to much to sit around and wait for steady gains. I'm an addict. I keep instant gratification locked up, dry-humped half to death in my basement. These Fuckin' coins are my shit.  

          Throw some money down on one and your gonna see some gains real quick, and some losses, but the potential is there fellas. SHit, throw a little money in all of them and sit around and dream about being a fuckin millionaire. I'm not gonna throw you any fuckin bones here. Anybody that knows me knows im not gonna run up quoting statistics. Get your lazy ass on over to the gecko or CoinMC and do you own research. I'll leave ya the first few breadcrumbs, anybody that has made it this far in this one probably already knows about:

      SAFEMOON, SHIZU INU, and a handful of galaxies, and other shit. Now, I give you one that hasnt taken off as fast but i think will find its way into the stratosphere fairly soon,



   That's right, yall need to jump on before we take off, riding on the back of 100XCOIN. I think that you can find this booger on Pancake, but for those of yall that don't really fuck with Binance like that, hop on to PROBIT exchange and check out the cool ass longshots on that exchange.





           Probit isnt going to be named up there with any of the greats, but if you are looking for an exchange that is going to give you opportunity to find those "big hitters" before they even hit, youre looking for something like PROBIT.  I'll even do you a solid, use my link to register with PROBIT, and feel free to leave me a link to a different exchange that you like (in the comment section) If i dont have an account, ill use your link to make one.





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I am a traveler & I enjoy analyzing and trading digital currencies. I enjoy beer & all the food from all the lands and seas. I am from Arkansas and strive to see as much of the beautiful country of America as possible in my short spell above ground.

The Clone Chronicles
The Clone Chronicles

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