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How Stormgain Stormed My Life : A Simple Narrative

      I've been running the wild roads of crypto for over five years now. When it comes to harnessing a strategy amidst the rollercoaster of volatility found in these investments, I am always open for suggestions. I've been through several platforms. I've patronized the dark corners of just about every exchange around. I've lingered at ICO's that I wouldn't tell my worst enemy to check out. I bought a car with Tron just to be the only person to ever say they've done that. I've seen scams, shams, and all sorts of shit that is downright illegal, not to mention as immoral as it comes. Ive bought drugs with crypto, sold drugs with crypto, and I gamble like a degenerate with crypto. That last part is the reason I became hooked to using Stormgain's platform, and have been using for nearly a year now.

         As you may be aware, Stormgain has a built-in mining function, and one that is quite superb in regards to speed of operation. When I began to use Stormgain to mine Bitcoin, I was unaware that mined BTC would be exchanged to Tether (USDT) upon my withdraw, and could only be held in my stormgain wallet for bonus use making trades on the platform. In hindsight, the mining feature, and promo I was introduced to were genius marketing maneuvers by the folks at Stormgain. I had created an account at a time when Stormgain was giving new users $100 to use in trades on the platform. This meant that any proceeds that I made from that $100 were mine, but not the $100 itself. 

          For the first week that I used Stormgain's mining feature, the rest of the app seemed foreign to me. I was scared to hit the wrong button, althought the bright colors and user-interface made it difficult to ignore the rest of the app. 

      I had my phone out, remembering to activate the mining features of CryptoTab Browser, and Stormgain, when my attention was jostled by some comments a friend made. Whatever we were talking about evoked some sentiment from me, as I remember going into a big rant, all the while tapping buttons on my phone just to seem preoccupied. I unknowingly opened a BUY trade in Stormgain. I had (accidentally) opened a trade using the $100 given to me at 200× leverage, therefore my trade totaling $20,000 was thrown into the atmosphere. I watched, as in 7 seconds my trade pulled in $90 in profit. Realizing I was a fish out of water, I put the debate aside and closed the trade. In 10 seconds I had almost made $100. I was immediately hooked. 

        It was a disastrous way to be introduced to the fucntions of Stormgain's platform. Fast-forward a year and I am just now beginning to have a concept of how to make money on the platform. I am NOT going to list strategy here, for the simple fact that in order for somebody to be winning, somebody also has to be losing. Stormgain is the most exciting platform I have come across for trading currencies. They also have expanded to stocks now. Stormgain is legit. Theyre minimum withdraws for BTC are kinda high, but the platform is not for nickel and diming. Its for stacking cash. 

 If you want to try the app for yourself, here is a link, and you get $3 credited to your account for telling them I sent you. Happy Trading 



I also mentioned CryptoTab Browser. For those of yall interested in cloud mining Bitcoin, here is a link for that:





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The Clone Chronicles
The Clone Chronicles

Earning, Staking, Farming, Day-trading, Mining....If it involves cryptocurrency, chances are I've dabbled in it. Crypto has been an interest of mine for over 5 years. Nothing makes me happier than sharing the small amount of knowledge I have accrued. Cryptocurrency has made life easier for me, and I wanna share that with you.

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