Ghost Trader

Ghost Trader : Crypto Killer or BSC BS?

By NickytheClone | The Clone Chronicles | 21 Dec 2021

         Update : Nearly 100% Gains in less than 12 HOURS 


  •     So, honestly, I would like to echo the enthusiasm of a new project I read about on the Publishox platform written by Cryptkeepr. 

      So, its a coin claiming to be the first actual Cryptocurrency hedge fund. Ghost Trader (GTR) is a Binance Smart Chain coin that claims to redustribute investors funds into Forex, crypto, and investments in precious metals. Then, a percentage of the profits made are redistributed to holders on a monthly basis, based on the proportion of coin held as compared to circulating supply. The platform claims that these profits will be redistributed in BUSD (Binance's stablecoin that follows USD pricing) It also hints at the future development of a Ghost Trader Visa card that holders will be able to recieve dividends on.

      The project boasts of several years of experience held by the staff, but what is NOT exciting is that the staff isn't really represented on the company's website. In concordance with the Ghost Trader (GTR) theme, the staff are represented by nicknames and also you will find qualifications listed for these "ghosts" The platform claims that these people work for you.

      The coin launched today (December 20) and I had witnessed over 30 percent gains about an hour ago. Only the future will actually tell if this coin amounts to what it claims in its Whitepaper and Road Map but here is the resources you need to take your gamble like I did. 


Check the GTR Chart here


Download the Whitepaper and Buy the Coin Here



Good luck investors! Much love!

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The Clone Chronicles
The Clone Chronicles

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