BetFury Weekly report 11. - 18. 11. 2019

BetFury Weekly report 11. - 18. 11. 2019

By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 19 Nov 2019

BetFury will make weekly reports for current and future users according to our transparency policy and customer-focused business model.


Another week has passed and here is BetFury weekly report. We spent our time on some product improvements and found solutions to further scalability of back product to exclude service overloading. Those methods are under implementation at the moment and will give stable improvements in the near future.

A new in-house game has been announced. And also the users feedback campaign in purpose of improving existing games was launched. Please join to make the games better ->

Some key metrics of the second week of Betfury platform:

  • Average daily users 24h: ~ 1700 users ( ~1000 users)
  • Bets rate: ~50 bets/second
  • Jackpots paid: 429,251 TRX
  • Total Daily bonus paid: 995,811 TRX
  • Cashback received: 2,306,519 TRX
  • Rank bonuses paid: 1,008,500 TRX

BetFury platform performance has increased by more than 100% in users and all the bonus payouts. It shows high interest from the community and great gaming performance.


BetFury dividends system shows to everyone its wellness. Even skeptics may feel the advantages of 7% right here and right now. The constant development of BetFury will prove a healthy environment of the dividends system. We have reached a milestone of 25 000 000 TRX dividends! Congratulations to all the community!

The positive dynamic of dividends payout is our goal and we are supporting this day by day. Even when the amount of the frozen token is growing, the dividend payout is not falling down.



Mining and Token Metrics

BFG token is the hottest thing in the dapps at the moment. Mining rate increased to 29 TRX / per 1 BFG and keeps growing. Just a reminder, every stage increases mining difficulty by 1 TRX. We are quite close to 30 TRX/ 1 BFG. Still a cheap price to mine some.

Total frozen: 227 083 889.00 BFG
Total mined: 237 405 542.27 BFG
Burned: 4 040 779.00 BFG for 1 504 514.42 TRX in Auction.



Jackpot Wins

Dice Jackpot started to be a desirable target for every Dice player. Jackpot is a challenge for everyone and just from 10 TRX min bet available to hunt.

Some players also win Jackpot in Circle. Just to remind, Jackpot in Circle is absolutely random lucky bet min 10 TRX from an array of bets, regardless of whether there was a winning or losing a bet. Congratulations to the winners!


Rare Wins

Rare wins are the users winnings with the highest coefficient on the platform. Here we would like to share some epic wins on BetFury!

Player with the nick Cernoocko got 50 000 TRX on Circle yellow. Amazing!

absolutely epic wins on Plinko, with payouts over 250 000 TRX. Is anyone ready to beat them? Will see!


Last week we have seen a community growth. Influencers from dapp space mentioned BetFury and their support was a trigger for further increasing the popularity of the platform. We are going to succeed with the community so each member will feel the advantages of being a part of the BetFury family.

We would like to welcome all the new members of BetFury community. Our mission is to create strong and active Tron dapp community and support our supporters. We are in that way!

Users are welcome to join giveaways on Twitter from the community members. Also, we have reached 2 000 milestone subscribers on Twitter and started giveaway in honor of this case!

With a constant cleaning Telegram community from inactive members, current the amount of users is ~15 200, and Twitter ~2 200 users.


The second week after launch was related to all product metrics increasing and becoming BetFury stronger dapp player.

We invite all the users from Tron and other dapp communities to join us! Lots of updates are coming!

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