500 000 TRX in first TronLounge’s wager competiton + AirDrop

By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 22 Dec 2019

Tron Lounge launches first weekly betting contest. Please read the competition rules and information below.


UTC 12:00 23 Dec 2019 — UTC 12:00 30 Dec 2019


Wager Competition

All users can participate. Make bets during the competition period and take a place in the leaderboard by the highest value of TRX betted during the week and earn prize!

1 place — 150 000 TRX
2 place — 100 000 TRX
3 place — 50 000 TRX
4–5 places — 10 000 TRX
6–25 places — 4000 TRX
400 000 TRX total

Snapshots of winners list will be in UTC 12:00 30 Dec 2019


All users can participate. Make at least 1000 TRX total bets during the competition period and you will join raffle.

100 random users will get 1000 TRX each in their wallet!

Prizes will sent automatically, report will be shared in our social media.
Good luck!

Don’t forget to buy boosters to earn more TLT while you mining!


Website — https://tronlounge.com/


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