2 new competition on PlayRoyal
2 new competition on PlayRoyal

By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 23 Mar 2020

PlayRoyal is the future of Exchange at least for the TRON Network

Two new competitions have just been launched.
We will imagine what the prices are in them
Let's take a look at the ongoing competition that I have already informed about.
And last time we look at the competitions that ended today. If you didn't win.
For those who have not yet registered with PlayRoyal and use my link. I will send  after verification 2000 PLAY or 10 TRX.

Traders !!!


NIRX Trading Competition

Highest buy volume on the NIRX-ETH pair wins top prize!




ENDS IN         6 DAYS  

STARTED ON   Mar 23, 2020 9:00 PM  

ENDS              Mar 30, 2020 10:00 PM

Only 10 best paid
The table shows the top of the payout structure
And at Dice, then the bottom of the payout structure. For both, the payout structure is the same.    

BUY now   

NIRX Dice Competition

Win NIRX prizes in this week-long Play Dice competition!




ENDS IN                  6 DAYS   STARTED ON            Mar 23, 2020 9:00 PM   ENDS                      Mar 30, 2020 10:00 PM     351665157-b8e5d6196960694d9ff5d4888c191d156e3f7499ad6296681a6ed9063786d17b.png  

Naira X(NIRX)

NIRX Block Payment Systems (NairaX) is developing the first crypto-payment processor usable across major eCommerce platforms on the globe. Our professional globally compliant AI system built in line with versatile security standards, will link businesses and services together by exposing businesses to one another on a global scale. Our system will allow businesses transact with our asset “NIRX”, other cryptocurrencies and FIAT on the local level.

ETHEREUM ERC20 Contract: 0xf0ccca32cd300356629216eb301ec6649c7c6adb

Price  -  $ 0.00232

Website - nirxblock.com Whitepaper medium.com    

TATM Trading Competition

Highest buy volume on the TATM-TRX pair wins top prize!

ENDS IN          5 DAYS

STARTED ON   Mar 18, 2020 9:00 PM

ENDS              Mar 25, 2020 9:00 PM  






tokens_icon-TRON.svgTRONTRC20 Contract address: TX8EdSeZQ99TvBbz8SXxxaBMTnEyV3Vmjw

Our mission is to try and build the largest TRON network in the world. While doing so it is our goal to bring thousands of new faces to the crypto scene. We hope to rise together and create the TRON ATM network, with the community.


Now scoreboards :





End Competition:

BURN Trading Competition




BURN Dice Competition






Link to Website PlayRoyal

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