TRX over a cliff.....again! Another Doomsday Dive.


And as mentioned in my new blog description, for my very first post, we see the roller coaster ride that I talk about take another stomach lurching nose dive off the edge of a cliff.......If you want excitement, Tronix will definitely hit the spot that other crypto's can't reach :)


After an exhilarating few days last week where we saw Tron creep over the $0.04 mark, we thought we were on lift off again, only to see us slowly slide back down to Friday's $0.032 and today (16/09/2020) bump a whopping 10% at one point to as low as $0.027 just check the 7 day chart below. (compliments of coinmarketcap, a most excellent site for ease of use for people new to crypto)


Almost enough for anyone who doesn't regularly follow Tron to lose their breakfast whilst watching, not just their gains from last week vanish, but a dip to lows last seen at the beginning of August.

For anyone who does follow, it's just another roll of the eyes moment, trigger fingers taken off the sell button, and back on the buy the dip button :)

Because as we know, it will just be a temporary dip before another push up. But what caused this high then sudden low again? Last weeks huge rises were occuring while even the mighty Bitcoin was losing recent huge gains. Could it be something Justin said? He says a lot, as we know. And OFTEN!

So what was it amongst the noise that caused all this? This is one of Justin's latest tweets. Tron Dapps just reached 1022, with a whopping 81 NEW added in just TWO WEEKS! This is surpassing both ETH and EOS.


TRON Dapps Statistics Aug 28 - Sep 10

✅#TRON Dapps reaching 1022 by Sep 10 with 81 new added in 2 weeks
✅The number of active users on #TRON in past 2 weeks remained 1st place
✅Number of active #TRON #Dapps increased steadily, surpassed #ETH & #EOS …


For scalability Tron is growing exponentially, simples! Do not underestimate TRX or it's creator Justin Sun, amongst all his bluster there is a serious, and incredibly determined, business brain. Look how much he was prepared to pay to dine (eventually) with Warren Buffet and schooled personally by the legendary Jack Ma, he has all the credentials needed to take TRX to the moon, and beyond to the stars.

Sound overly dramatic? Follow my posts over the coming months to find out the in depth details of what is making, and will make, TRX outperform virtually every other crypto out there over the coming months and years.

Also, follow me so you don't miss my post coming shortly covering how I am currently mining Tron, and the increasing number of ways in which you can too. (Not actually a minable crypto, but there are many ways to earn it for free).


These articles and more can also be found on Twitter  [email protected]_tron

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Tron and Crypto - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!
Tron and Crypto - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

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