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My name is BitcoinBret, 


I am from Chicago IL and have been trading and buying crypto since 2010. I have a passion for Financial markets and I am looking to help people in this world reach Financial Freedom. I have been actively involved in different groups regarding crypto currency assets for years now. I really see myself as an idealistic person who is always looking for new ways to earn income. In a world where income inequality is such a big issue I see this as an upside to my career in life. I have started learning some coding but have not come close to mastering coding yet. I am really good with art, I like to make music, draw, and design logos and business related content. The thing I like about financial markets is that you're always learning something new. I have worked very closely with different artists and promoters in the music industry for 13 years. I just wanted to give a little bit of a background about myself so that you could get to know who I am. I am very easy to get a long with and also work with. My main goal is to create 3 businesses in 3 phases and I have put together a good team so far the only thing we're lacking is going to be our main developer. If you're reading this and you know how to create smart contracts and code at a higher level please feel free to reach out to me so that I can get you introduced to my team and see if you would be a good fit. If you're interested in learning about how I generate revenue while living a life style at ease please feel free to reach out and I would love to teach you my ways.  If you have any questions at all feel free to contact me. My handle on most platforms is @BitcoinBret if you can't find me then please ask and I will be happy to link you to what you're looking for!! I hope to work with everyone that I can because the more diverse that we keep our Decentralized projects the better it will be for the community as a whole. 

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Early adopter of crypto and very much involved within the community! I also follow world economics and like to tie in how blockchain/crypto is helping shape these new policies.

Tron DeFi, Good, Bad, and the Ugly!
Tron DeFi, Good, Bad, and the Ugly!

This blog is about Tron Networks DeFi movement and how much USD is currently locked in. What projects are safe to use? Which projects should you stay away from? Do you think that Trons DeFi will take away from Etherum?

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