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A brilliant speech by Erica Goldson during the graduation ceremony at Coxsackie-Athens High School in June 2010, perfectly explains the system of indoctrination responsible for shaping young minds in modern times.


Indoctrination is the mind control technique whereby manipulators train people to accept a set of beliefs without critically thinking. In modern times, this is accomplished through what we laughingly call our education system.  


Our current system is focuses on an outcome-based model of reward while neglecting to develop the individual student's innate talents and abilities. This model is similar to that used by the Nazi and Soviet regimes during the early 1900's.  


According to the directory of Nazi education documents, 1930, some of the goals for the education system was to;  


Gain control over the minds of the children, thereby ensuring control of the future.

Teach political correctness and discourage speaking out against the system.  

Centralize and nationalize the curriculum, tests and standards.

Condition students to be proud servants of the state.

Create new beliefs and values through multicultural and global education.

Condition students to be compliant and subordinate.

Silence any opposition.






"History keeps repeating itself, but few heed it's warnings. If our leaders did, they would know that today's massive attempt to transform our culture by nationalizing education will bring repression, not freedom. They would see that the manipulative strategies of master learning will create human puppets, not independent thinkers..

...that their aim is global socialism with cradle to grave surveillance is angrily denied by the trained and trusted guardians of our children's minds. If the sleeping public does not wake up soon and resist, it will surely be too late to stop the rising tide of deception that threatens to engulf our children. If so, God's people will once again have demonstrated the blinding consequences of spurring truth and loving lies." - Nazism, a History of Documents and Eyewitness Accounts


Enlightened people embrace the sovereignty of every being and the responsibility to honor each other. This would mean the end of the control system.


This is why critically-thinking, enlightened people are a threat to the manipulators.  They want obedient workers who know their place in the hierarchical, institutionalized system. They want people who will blindly and unquestioningly accept everything the government tells them. They want conformity, and they achieve this, in part, through the outcome-based education of our youth.


The outcome-based education model largely engages the left brain mode of consciousness. As I previously explained,when the left hemisphere of the brain is stimulated while the right hemisphere is neglected, the consciousness of the individual will become rooted in the R-Complex of the brain, putting the student in survival mode.  


Students leave school thinking life is akin to a rat race. You need to get a good job so you can earn a good salary and buy a big house. Reward is based on how well you conform to the expectations of the system.  


Instead of questioning, exploring and developing new and innovative ideas, students are taught to remember and repeat what they have been told. They are trained to conform to standards instead of being encouraged to discover and develop their individuality. They are conditioned to obey and take orders from those in perceived positions of authority. It is clear that our education system is part of the agenda to brainwash and control the minds of the people.


The root cause of immorality in our society is the teaching of moral relativism in our schools. The worst part is, not only are we complicit in the system, but we are also funding it with our hard earned taxes. We, the people, are funding the destruction of our own freedom by allowing our children to become dumbed-down robots of the system.


True education should be based in a full understanding of natural law principles and morality, guided by the student's natural curiosity. Learning should never be forced. It is meant to be a rewarding and joyful experience. Being able to choose what you want to learn and think is a basic human right. True learning is a freeing process.


"It should not be too difficult for any person of average intelligence to acquire a knowledge of at least the outlines of the scheme of evolution. That such a knowledge is of the utmost importance will, we think, be conceded by every intelligent individual. We live in this world, governed by the laws of nature. Under these laws we must live and work and we are powerless to change them. If we know them and intelligently cooperate with them, these forces become most valuable servants. If on the other hand we do not understand them and in our ignorance work contrary to them they become most dangerous enemies capable of terrible destruction. Therefor the more we know of the working methods of nature which ladder is but the visible symbol of the invisible God, the better able we shall be to take advantage of the opportunities it offers for growth and power, for emancipation from bondage, and elevation to mastery." - Max Heindel


The feminism movement has restricted parents’ ability to teach their own children by taking mothers out of their homes.  This, along with the depreciating value of fiat currency, often demands that both parents work, leaving them unable to teach their own children.  


But for the most part, people don't want the responsibility and the burden that is required to teach and raise their children themselves. They gladly hand it over to the system, allowing the controllers to take hold of their children's minds. The bit of teaching modern day parents do provide is based on their own indoctrination and supports the existing educational model; encouraging the "obedient worker" mindset in the child. There aren't many people who encourage the pursuit of real knowledge, independent thinking or the uniqueness of an individual.  


"Coexistence on this tightly knit earth should be viewed as an existence not only without wars...but also without the government telling us how to live, what to say, what to think, what to know, and what not to know." - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


We urgently need to start properly educating our youth based on the tenants of natural law principles and morality. We need to create an educational model that supports the evolutionary progress in consciousness. Until we are able to do this, the manipulators will continue to control our future, and this planet will remain a prison.





Written by Aliana

Copy editing by Eric Cram

Based on work by Mark Passio

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