Financial Opportunities or What's In Your Wallet?

By ArmFarm | Tried -True - Tested | 7 Mar 2022

For those new to the Crypto World, as with a wallet that a man might keep in his pocket - an online wallet is a place where you might keep your Crypto online, or on hardware device isolated from the internet. A large number of wallets require a special code(s), that is provided in the early stages of wallet creation. It is a very secure process, and it's benefit is immediately compromised if you save it to your computer. The more times you save it on a device, the easier it becomes for someone else to rob you. Maybe hard words, but reality.

Sounds good in theory, doesn't it? So, you just write your secret code and no one else can access it, but you - right? Yes and No. What happens to your wallet, if the device you have it created on - suffers a fatal system malfunction? You recover it, from your new device - which requires you to enter the secret code provided during it's original creation. 

All great and dandy, until you find that your booklet containing your seed phrase has been thrown into the garbage - back some time ago. You don't have a photographic memory to retrieve it from, and you have already recycled the old hardware. For many people, this could be the equivalent of having some cash in a billfold, and having it accidentally burned in a fire.  It is gone. Time to move on.  I am probably not the only person who has learned this lesson the hard way.

There are other options, for storing your Crypto. To be frank, they all have their strengths and weaknesses - their pros and cons, their plusses and minuses. When it comes to storing your Crypto, it is prudent to remember the old phrase "Don't carry all your eggs in the same basket". If you are looking for benefits beyond just holding Crypto, you can find dependable places to park what you feel comfortable with. Most reliable sources provide a ROI beginning around 4%, and up to higher returns of even 15 and 17%. Reasonable and Realistic gains. 

As with everything else, do some research for yourself and always be aware that there is some form of risks. Personally, i usually steer clear of 100% (and higher) promises. Most of the best sounding/looking ventures offering extreme and unrealistic high returns, that i have personal knowledge of, have always taken more than offered. 

The vast majority of links I provide, lead to sites that i personally participate on/in and have experienced no fraudulent activity with.  Occasionally, i stumble across an old account i created years ago, and find that the site is still operating, often very active. Those are fairly good signs that the site is legitimate. Most scam sites have since faded into oblivion - it leaves a bitter taste in most people's mouth when they are promised untold riches - and then learn that they have lost their financial resources to empty promises. 

Even so, is still approach with respect and boundaries. Caution is a good trait to use approaching most things new - especially on the internet.

Now, let's talk credit cards.  If our wallet, which burned away, had also contained credit cards - we would simply have made a phone call, and new ones would have been in the mail. More on that, after( and as ) i share this link. LOL. 

Fairly priced credit - often available to those without prefect credit. Flexible and Powerful financing, if used wisely. This could be the one for you!

What's in your wallet?


If you are still not crystal clear, on the Crypto System - You are not all by yourself. With your permission, i will loosely compare a Crypto Exchange and a bank. In the earlier days, i researched multiple exchanges - and tried a few of them. I lost some Crypto( not much - but still too much) and i still hold some on several exchanges. I will share links to some of these proven resources, in another post.

For now, I wish to emphasize the importance of trust. I am not going to mud sling by calling any names in this case, but there are Large amounts of Crypto that have been stollen from any number of exchanges. I also suggest you research the history of an exchange before you turn over your valuable Crypto.

This link leads to an excellent source if you're just starting to learn and may well be useful for hardened veterans as well.

Unless it has been altered ( and/or edited ), you will not find Coinbase on this list. To my knowledge, Coinbase Users have never suffered any legitimate losses to their accounts held with Coinbase. You may find a few people with complaints, but most of those come from unrealistic expectations. Including ease of use, convenience, fair fees, and very strong security - Coinbase is hard to compete with!

If you don't hold an account with Coinbase - I suggest that there may never be a better time than now. Of course, you don't have to use my link, but if you do use it, we will both receive $10 in Bitcoin as a bonus!


Now, let me share an exchanges which provides extended opportunities for staking (and/or earning interest) on your Crypto Holdings. This exchange is multifunctional. It includes a number of free daily faucet claims, aswell as offering a minimum of 7.52% interest on the Crypto you hold there (paid daily). Depending upon your involvement, it is possible to stake coins and to run nodes - which can provide even higher earnings. 

I have been a member of StakeCube for a very long time now. I registered there back in it's early days, deposited a small amount, and rediscovered it a couple of years ago. It was a pleasant surprise to find that it is a legitimate site and my balance had grown significantly. 7.52% interest compounded daily is a very powerful way to earn passive income! This site is good for beginners through sophisticated users! I know that i am very satisfied with StakeCube, and i expect you will be pleased with it also.

More links in a follow up post soon.

Almost every single link, that I share here, also provides a reward to those who use them! Some may be from sites that you have heard about before, and others you may not be aware of.  If I share a link, I hold high confidence in it's legitimacy. With that being said, we all make an occasional mistake. If, at any time, i learn that a site i use is/or has become a scam or unethical, I will not hesitate to share that information. As well, I ask you to make a comment on my respective post should you discover that one of these sites is not legitimate.

Thanks for your time, attention, and interest!



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