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Easiest way to buy Reddit MOONs

A few months ago Reddit launched community points on a few different subreddits.
So far there are r/FortniteBR Bricks, r/Ethtrader Donuts and r/Cryptocurrency Moons.

Users can earn these points by posting and commenting and the points are distributed in 4 week cycles based on a user's karma earned in that period (obtained from being upvoted or awarded).
Each distribution there is slightly less given out in total and as more people join these subreddits and make vaults for them, the less there will be per user as it will be (monthly distribution / total karma for all users).
Here I will focus on r/cryptocurrency MOONs.

Many users that opened a vault in the early days of this project (including Mods) have large amounts of MOONs but anyone can earn them.
Another option is to buy them and there are two popular methods for doing this. Through Honeyswap (this requires much more work) or through Kuyumcu which is far easier.
In the last couple of days there was announcements of MOONs moving from their "test net" to the "main net" and the Ethereum Foundation will be partnering with Reddit.

On foot of this information the price of MOONs has skyrocketed over the last few days as users anticipate a massive increase in price once the MOONs hit their full main net.
The price increases have been spectacular to be honest and especially if one earned these tokens for free I would say they are very happy with themselves.

Source: Coingecko

Still, the token having such value isn't much use to people unless they can by or sell them.
Currently they can be used to buy membership to the subreddit unlocking such features as being able to reply to comments with GIFS, getting badges to make your profile more unique and tipping users who are helpful or make good content.

The easiest method to buy or sell them is through Kuyumcu.
To do this you need to set up your Reddit vault and have or obtain some Nano or Banano and have a wallet for them such as Natrium.

To set up the vault click on your profile picture on the Reddit Official app (other readers like RedditIsFun or RedReader, while great, will not work for this).
You will see a heading labelled "Vault". Click on this and follow the easy procedure to set up your vault (take down the 12 word recovery phrase in case you need to recover the wallet in case of losing your device or deleting the app).
Once the vault is set up you will;
1. Be eligible to earn MOONs each month based on karma earned in the r/cryptocurrency subreddit, and
2. Be able to send or receive MOONs from other addresses or users as well as give and receive MOON tips.

Once you have your Nano simply navigate to the Kuyumcu site and click "Buy MOON" as shown



From here simply input your public address shown in the reddit vault in the app and hit "next". Send your Nano to the address displayed (using the QR code will reduce the chance of error here). Don't send you nano straight from an exchange as Kuyumcu advise against this. Use a Nano wallet such as Natrium for this (available on Playstore for example)
Once you have sent the Nano hit submit and the transaction will process. The MOONs should be in your vault within minutes. (The first time the whole process took me under 5-6 minutes including obtaining the Nano on Binance).

Whether you want to obtain MOONs in anticipation of an increase of their use cases, a possible price increase if they hit major exchanges, tipping other users of the subreddit who are helpful or simply to obtain some badges and GIFS to use in the Subreddit this is the easiest method!

For more information on MOONs and Community points see the links below.

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