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1INCH: 30 and 60 day locked Staking available again on Binance

Hey all just a quick heads up.

If you are like me and hold 1INCH tokens on Binance and haven't sent them to the 1INCH DEX for providing trading liquidity yet for whatever reason (especially high gas fees at the moment included) then you will be glad to know Binance have opened new Locked Staking options for 1INCH token.

The 30 and 60 days options offer the best APY but they were all taken up very quickly last time so the best available rates weren't free. This is the case for most products that offer the 30 and 60 day options in locked staking. Usually the subscriptions with the best returns are snapped up very quickly and this just launched about an hour and a half ago!

At the moment however the following are available
15 Day lock - 16.49% APY
30 Day lock - 18.69% APY
60 Day lock - 21.47% APY

To find this go to Binance earn and you will find them under the "Fixed Terms" section

Binance Fixed Terms

Source: Binance

*Edit. Just because it is not clear from the image above. Click on Staking, View more, then Expand all locked Staking options to see what is available!

These staking and saving options are great to do something with your tokens while they are sitting in your account and combined with using the Launchpool to earn tokens make a great way to earn some passive income.
My 1INCH tokens would have just been sitting there until Gas Fees dropped otherwise.

Don't jump into this without research but if you are already invested in one of these projects and your tokens are otherwise just waiting you may as well make them work for you!

Are any of you staking or earning on Binance or anywhere else?

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