By TrevorBalthrop | Trevor Balthrop | 24 May 2021

Hello out there in the world of Crypto!

My name is Trevor and today, the Daily Crypto Polls are back!

I was temporarily suspended from Twitter for no good reason which stopped the polling for a bit.

Back up and at em' now!

The goal for doing Polls like this is to gather more insight into SA or the "Sentimental Analysis" behind the markets.

Hopefully, this will encourage others to participate in the Polls by casting Votes too!

All Old Polls have ended and are included under the Old Polls section.

Starting over now, we have the Brand New Poll right below! 👇



Vote using the Tweets above! 👆

Polls last for 7 days each!

One new Poll will be added daily so be sure to check Publish0x and Twitter for the latest.

I will also be HODLING a giveaway soon exclusive to readers of my Daily Crypto Polls!

Don't miss out!

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My username is @Balthrop_Trevor
(anything else is not me!)

As always, thanks so much everyone for stopping by!

If you have any suggestions or just want to say "Hi" never hesitate to comment.

I hope everyone has a BEAUTIFUL day in Crypto and I will see you again soon! 😎

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