Publish0x Team! Please Lift Comment Limits!
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Publish0x Team! Please Lift Comment Limits!

By trevorbalthrop | Trevor Balthrop | 30 Jun 2020

Engagement in communities is extremely beneficial for everyone involved!

With some encouragement from other authors and comments, I have seen around the 

I am beginning to see a resounding request from legitimate users that would like the ability to comment more.

This is an amazing problem to have for a company like Publish0x and I couldn't be more proud to be an author!

Except that I think the time has come now for Publish0x to tackle this problem if they have not already had talks about this already.

If you are not as eager to comment as other people on Publish0x this might be sort of a confusing issue to understand at first glance.

As it stands nowadays when users on Publish0x engage with an article they have many different options available to them such as Commenting.

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Comments are always located at the very bottom of articles beneath where we go to Tip.

Tipping is very well implemented & I have little to no complaints with how it works.

While tipping is amazing, Comments are highly appreciated by all Authors!

Authors love comments just as much as tips because comments themselves take on a different kind of tip. 

They give Authors & Readers alike tips for what they could improve on in the future.

In addition to this, comments allow the best form of engagement out there!

Benefits of Commenting:

1. Encourages Authors

2. Readers Can Be Heard

3. Great for Clarification

4.  Helps Build Stronger Communities

5. Visitors Are More Inclined to Revisit

6. Excellent Way To Gauge Good Authors from Bad Actors

7. Often A Good Place For More Resources & Recommendations

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While these are perfect reasons for having comments it doesn't mean comments are always perfect.

There are many strong reasons we must take into account that commenting allows for.

Since commenting can be abused by Bad Actors or trolls, websites like Publish0x try to prevent as much of this as possible.

Downsides of Commenting:

1. Spam Comments

2. Harmful Language

3. Harmful Links for Malicious Purposes

4. Daily Comment Limits Prevent More Engagement

5. To Prevent the Bad it Punishes the Good

6. Publish0x Should Not Have To Monitor Comments

7. Comments Could Be Wrongfully Flagged

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(thank you kindly for commenting Alexandru!)

These downsides are what make commenting frustrating some times.

While commenting is not frustrating all the time, when someone runs into it, the user could be discouraged from commenting in the future.

This is especially true with Authors who would like to reply to those kind enough to make comments on articles!

A daily commenting limit prevents Authors from being able to connect with readers on their own articles.

It also prevents Authors from being able to comment on other Articles made by others!

While it is understandable why measures like this would be put in place.

This does certainly deter a lot of much-needed activity for Publish0x.

Then again, it does help the staff at Publish0x tremendously when it comes to moderation.

From another perspective, many of us probably wonder why we get moderated for being good.

While at the same time we see Articles being posted that definitely appear to be published by Bad Actors just trying to get free cryptocurrency.

Now, of course, we can't completely get rid of all bad actors indefinitely. 

There are always going to be people trying to exploit every platform no matter what.


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There are certainly ways that we can help diminish and prevent it so that we don't punish good legitimate users.

Limiting daily comments are a preventative measure that is a good example of diminishing foul-play!

The question here is what else can we do to recognize good users from bad users?

There are actually a lot of ways to do this! 

Including ways that won't inundate the awesome staff at Publish0x away from other job duties.

Here are a few of my own ideas:

1. Account Activity

Without telling the Public what Publish0x looks for regarding legitimate account activity.

Publish0x could let users who meet certain measures that prove to the staff our account is acting in good faith.

Using backend information for Publish0x Team eyes-only, they would be able to lift certain limits such as daily commenting.

This would make it extremely hard for Bad Actors to meet requirements that they don't know the measures for!

2. Implementing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Has anyone noticed that Publish0x doesn't have 2FA yet?

Publish0x likely is already planning on implementing some sort of 2FA process.

It is an extra security step that is always better to have than to not have at all.

In no way does that mean any disrespect to Publish0x though!

Two-factor authentication isn't exactly easy to implement and many users might not even use it.

However, for those of us that do like to be safer than sorry. Adding 2FA would help big time for a lot of reasons!

Along with the additional 2FA security, Publish0x could also offer more lenient offers.

This coupled with Account Activity could make matters even better for community engagement!

3. A Second Application Process

If you have become an Author of Publish0x you have already gone through this process.

Going through the Author Application process gives you the ability to write articles like the one you see here.

For those Authors that turn out to be legitimate publishers who have stayed active on Publish0x.

Implementing a second application process for existing Authors to advance to a higher caliber could be a great way to offer better engagement!

If approved this would increase that pesky comment limit a lot of us run into these days.

4. Contact Us and Ask!

As they say, "You don't get if you don't ask!"

Publish0x could keep it as simple as contacting them to ask for something like comment limits being raised. 

This isn't anything that they have to advertise or announce of course.

In fact, I would highly recommend it not be advertised or placed somewhere easily in an account to exploit.

This would leave it open for only those that really want it can get it simply for being smart enough to send Publish0x an email!

5. KYC & ID Verification

I know, I know!

Many of us find it grueling to have to go through an identity verification process.

The fact of the matter is though, we are mostly dealing with crypto here at Publish0x.

We know the process well and it works great in deterring malicious activity.

I am sure Publish0x hates giving criminals tips more than anybody!

The last thing anyone wants to do is give money to someone that doesn't deserve it and watch them run. 

If Publish0x implemented these measures just for Authors; even that would be enough to help I'm sure!

6. CAPTCHA for Comment Limits

We have all ran into CAPTCHA and even though there are ways around CAPTCHA. 

Adding it to comments would help big time!

If it is too annoying to add before every comment, then maybe it should only be enabled once users are flagged.

For instance, if CAPTCHA sees rapid commenting, the user would be prompted to verify they are not a robot.

At the very least too, CAPTCHA could be triggered once daily commenting limits have been met.

Solving the CAPTCHA after that would allow for another hour of commenting.

Or maybe it allows only 5 more comments before your daily limit comes into play.

7. Holding Crypto For Commenting

This was sort of the one that I was thinking about first when this issue came to light.

We are already building a balance in cryptocurrencies anyways!

So what if we could allocate that balance toward allowing better limits?

Or maybe if you hold a certain amount of something like DAI or BAT it automatically increases your limits?

Once a threshold is met Authors or even readers alike will gain the ability to engage with more comments.

Or if the amount was small enough, maybe we get the option to sacrifice some of our earned tips in exchange for better limits?

Sort of the more abstract idea as compared to the other ones but certainly one to be considered that might interest users.

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Publish0x and the Team are doing an amazing job with this platform!

This is more so of a wish list than anything else however, it is definitely something many of us would love to see.

In no way should we expect any of the things to happen.

Publish0x has already gone above and beyond offering an amazing news service for both readers and authors.

At the very least, I hope it will at least spark a conversation or lead to more inspiration. 

Keep them fingers crossed we see something new from Publish0x in the near future!

Until then thanks for sticking around here, thank you greatly for reading, and stay safe out there go-getters!




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