trevor balthrop blockfi adds pax gold to bitcoin

HUGE NEWS! Blockfi Adds PAX Gold!

By TrevorBalthrop | Trevor Balthrop | 3 Sep 2020

trevor balthrop pax gold bitcoin blockfi


Email notifications this morning went out to owners of accounts stating PAX Gold will now be available on the Blockfi platform.

Blockfi lets users hold their cryptocurrency with really great interest rates where you can also Buy and Sell.

If you don't earn interest hodling your Cryptocurrency I highly recommended not waiting.

Blockfi's Current List of Available Assets:

- Bitcoin (6%)

- Ethereum (4.5%)

- Litecoin (5%)

- GUSD (8.6%)

- USDC (8.6%)

- PAX (8.6%)

- PAX Gold (4%)


trevor balthrop pax gold bitcoin blockfi


PAX Gold is now the newest addition to the team!

Which means you can now buy and hold this Gold backed cryptocurrency.

On top of that, holding PAX Gold at Blockfi generates 4% interest year round!

This is huge news considering there are not very many places that offer such services,


trevor balthrop pax gold bitcoin blockfi


The 4% APY applies only to those that purchase and hold PAX Gold in their account.

If you already have PAX Gold you can simply deposit it into Blockfi for safekeeping if you wish.

If you don't have PAX Gold there is no need to worry about missing out.

Blockfi will allow you to purchase PAX Gold inside of your blockfi account using one of the other supported currencies.

Blockfi also has ACH transfers now too which should make it even easier to purchase.


trevor balthrop pax gold bitcoin blockfi


Blockfi not only pays you interest on PAX Gold as well as other coins.

This is pretty much like getting paid in Gold passively!

They also allow you to trade your assets 24/7 with ZERO fees for doing so.

If you are as interested in gold as other investors are, this new listing is definitely an exciting one as I will be picking up some now that PAX Gold is listed.


trevor balthrop pax gold bitcoin blockfi


If you don't have a Blockfi account yet here is a referral link that will get you $50 in BTC after completion!

Blockfi $50 Referral Offer -

I have no idea how long the $50 thing is going on for either but time is ticking of course.

So make sure to Hodl onto those cryptos wisely and good luck out there people!


trevor balthrop pax gold bitcoin blockfi

Thank you for reading!


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