HODL Tricks!
hodl tricks created by trevor balthrop

HODL Tricks!

By trevorbalthrop | Trevor Balthrop | 4 Aug 2020

Yes, hodling tricks that will make you a proud hodler! 


hodl trick number one trevor balthrop bitcoin


Trick Number 1. 


Hodl as much as you can for as long as you can handle it. 


Never let go of your emergency hodl. 


Have emergency hodl for the emergency hodl. 


Hodl your loved ones tight! 


Hodl, hodl, hodl. 



hodl trick number two 2 trevor balthrop bitcoin btc


Trick Number 2. 


Inspire others to hodl with you! 


Not in a gross way though. 


Gross gains though, maybe? 


But gross pummeling no. 


Above all else, show others how proud you are of your hodling! 



hodl trick number 3 trevor balthrop bitcoin btc


Trick Number 3.


bitcoin hodl life trevor hold balthrop


Make your first long-time hodl asap.


Make it as early on into your investment life as you can.


The earlier the better! 


Long-time hodl means two things:


- Never let go

- Rarely let go


That second one makes me sick.




Choose one or choose them both!


Making a choice is better than never making a choice.


Long-time does not mean 1-day, 1-week, or even 1-month.


Once you start the hodl, never stop the hodl.



bitcoin hodling hodl trevor balthrop tricks for btc


Trick Number 4.


research emergency hodls trevor balthrop hodl


Find out how to make your emergency hodls gain interest.


Whether you have multiple emergency accounts, or just one.


Look into how to get emergency funds to grow while it sits there.


For instance, try checking out one of these places:



( https://blockfi.com/?ref=b2db60a1 )



( https://nexo.io/?u=5dd9996f5c2a56640b2effcb )


They are both amazing so I will leave that up to you to decide!


Use one of the referrals above & you will get a bonus for signing up.



tricks 5 trick bitcoin btc five trevor balthrop help me


Trick Number 5.


hodl hold hodling hodls trevor balthrop HODL! bitcoin help investing


Never take from your long hodl.




Only ever add to your hodl!


Your long hodl will slowly grow.


Try to make your hodl double or triple overtime.


If you start taking from your hodl, make 2 hodl's!


Do whatever you need to do to hodl longer.



last magic trick bitcoin btc trevor balthrop


Last Trick.


doge trevor balthrop hodl dogecoin hold meme bitcoin btc longer help


Wise hodling is far more beneficial than abundant hodling.


There is no need for anyone to hodl more than they can handle.


Do NOT over hodl.


Hodling too many assets or playing with too much cash is 100% going to be disappointing.




The best value for your money is always to keep things simple.


Compare what works best for you financially and then stick to it.


The simplest way is usually always the answer.




Because it is the one that works best because it is simple 😎



Hodl wiser, learn more tricks at your own risk, and stay safe!


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