Get Married! On the Blockchain with a Smart Contract
trevor balthrop getting married on the blockchain

Get Married! On the Blockchain with a Smart Contract

By trevorbalthrop | Trevor Balthrop | 14 Aug 2020

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a constantly updated digital database of encrypted information that can be used and shared by everyone at any time. 

The information the database uses gets stored on chunks of blocks for future reference.

The digital database of blockchain information is not confined to a central location and is instead stored everywhere.

That means the information needed on the Blockchain is also everywhere so that it can be properly checked for security reasons.

These properties are what make Blockchain unique and decentralized.

Getting Married?

trevor balthrop bitcoin married on blockchain smart contracts

For some readers, Marriage may not apply, however, in the U.S. there are still many people that do this thing called Marriage.

Fun fact though!

When getting married both people involved must sign a marriage license.

trevor balthrop getting bitcoin married on the smart contract

This legally binding certificate notarized by the Church and State means one thing.

trevor balthrop church and state bitcoin blockchain marriage

There is a contract for getting Married!

In the event, someone gets Married and decides to break the contract.

That person files for divorce and goes to court.

Yada, yada, yada.

Divorce sucks but what if it didn't have to suck as bad?

Smart Contracts for Marriage Licenses

trevor balthrop smart contracts balances

What the heck are Smart Contracts?

trevor balthrop smart contracts

Smart Contracts are pretty much the coolest thing out right now.

These Smart Contracts are made possible by Blockchain technology and what they do is they store records.

These Smart Contracts also update records and it does so automatically thanks to Blockchain protocols.

Basically, they are digital agreements that update automatically according to those that agree to them.


What is a Marriage License?

trevor balthrop getting married on the blockchain

A Marriage License is an agreement between two people.

The agreement states that the two people signing the contract dedicate their lives to staying together forever.

If something in the marriage changes it also changes the agreement.

If someone dies before their partner, the agreement changes, and the living widow is no longer married.

If someone wants a divorce, the agreement changes and the couple gets separated.


It all sounds so simple, right?

Not so fast Hamlet.

Marriage and Smart Contracts both have many complicated underlying things within them.


Figuring out a way to unite the two might be fun though!

So let's try it out, hitch a ride to Las Vegas, and see what happens later.


Getting Married using blockchain Marriage Smart Contract



You're getting married.

Except your Marriage License is written on a Blockchain with a protocol tailored to your Marriage needs.

The protocol is also tailored to your lover's needs.

You walk down the aisle, exchange vows, say "I do!" and land a sloppy kiss on each other's lips.

Then right after that picture-perfect moment the two of you receive a key and accept your Smart Contracts.

The local Blockchain then records your Marriage as today August 35th, 2020, and puts the momentous occasion in the legal Blockchain system.



Now anything new that affects your Marriage gets updated automatically on the Marriage Blockchain.

Any time the two of you would like to look at the white paper for your Marriage License on the blockchain.

All either of you would need to do is punch in the Keys received on the wedding day.

Now the marriage license is accessible anytime yet still private and secure.

Moving forward the two of you go on with your new married life and decide to buy home.





That home is automatically placed on your Marriage Smart Contract.

Now the ol' ball-and-chain gets an inheritance from the Grandpa's Uncle.

That inheritance gets placed on the Marriage Smart Contract.

Uh oh, now something bad happens and you both can't stand the sight of each other's smell!


The two of you decide things just are not working out.

Both of you have tried many different things and have made tons of changes to your existing Marriage Smart Contract yet nothing is working.


Getting a Divorce on the Blockchain



Great! You just got fake married and now you are already fake divorced.

Luckily for you, this was done all on the Blockchain though!

Your partner and you take your keys, review the marriage license, and submit your Divorce application.

After a thorough review by a Judge, it gets approved and your keys no longer say you are married when asked.

The keys now only hold an exact historical record of that entire part of your life.

The blockchain records that you two are no longer married and timestamps the date it became official.

Going forward neither you, your ex, or some fraudster can use your old marriage to screw each other over!


What was that? Does your ex want half of everything?


Don't worry about it! Thanks to the Smart Contract embossed onto your marriage.

Leave it up to the blockchain to evenly distribute out what is yours and what is theirs.

Take it a step further and the Blockchain allows ex-lovers to divvy up a wide variety of options if they choose.

Instead of getting half of everything, maybe you opt for cash instead, or maybe all you settle for is a car and the single life back. 


The Blockchain along with your Marriage Contract makes all necessary changes without needing either person to do much work.

The couch goes into your name, the house goes into their name, the dog you just bought goes with you too, and the blockchain records you own these things.

It isn't until something happens to these things that the Blockchain is told something different about your recent break-up.

Maybe your ex steals the Dog? Wow! Of course, they would!

No sweat. That Dog will be yours again one day because they won't be able to steal it for long.

The minute that dog connects to a Blockchain it finds that it is a stolen animal.


See how that works?


Smart Marriage Contracts record and keep historical data about a relationship for many reasons.

It protects the couple, it protects individuals, it protects family members, and it helps prevent wrongdoing.

Marriage is a big decision that involves a lot of dedication and work.

It seems far out to think that Smart Contracts and Blockchain would be applied to Marriage or Relationships.

This Article here, of course, is only a representation of what it could be like, and that world might be here faster than we think.

What about you?

Would you get Married using Blockchain technology?

Tell me what you think in the comments below!


Thank you for reading!

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