3 Reasons June Might Be the Month Crypto Shines Again!
June 2020 Bitcoin will hit records
3 Reasons June Might Be the Month Crypto Shines Again!

By trevorbalthrop | Trevor Balthrop | 2 Apr 2020

April showers hopefully bring May flowers this year!

If those flowers can't be seen this May because of Quarantining.

Then my bets are all for June for those flowers to shine!

While trying to find some positivity to binge on, I stumbled across something...

Something potentially big for the future of pricing in the cryptocurrency market.

When comparing future predictions both before and after this global pandemic.

There was an odd correlation that I just couldn't help but mention.

An odd correlation that sees Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies becoming very expensive.

In my own personal opinion, these three reasons make a bull run inevitable.

If not in April or May, well... why not June?

Here it is! The top 3 reasons why June will be the month that Bitcoin and Crypto rise again:

trevor balthrop curve covid-19 flatten

1. Before and After COVID-19

Anyone find it strange that we were so quickly taught about flattening curves?

Getting it out of the way, it has to be mentioned since it did add to the damage that Bitcoin faced whether people want to admit it or not. 

Here is where things get interesting though!

The price was likely going to drop anyway before the halving, which we have still not reached yet and the Halving still has under 50 days left now.

Before the outbreak, people had accepted the fact that Bitcoin wasn't going to reach an all time-shattering record high until later this year. 

How late though?


At least that's what I think anyway.

After the outbreak, people have considered it taking about 9 weeks or 45 days until control of the outbreak sets in more. 

The gross numbers we never wanted to see will start coming out and it will have more effect on where things linger.

When we lay that out on an actual calendar, we end up in the middle of May/beginning of June.

Markets are going to be slowly turning their switches back on and being less lenient on people as we go back to work during that time.

Of course, as things go back to normal, so will Bitcoin and everything else!

Even if before June Bitcoin really does go to $3k USD like some fear. We can bet our bottom dollar (literally...) that June will be the month where the Bull run becomes more obvious.

trevor balthrop bitcoin halving

(image source: https://bitcoinblockhalf.com/)

2. Before and After the Halving of Bitcoin

We have roughly 40 days left everyone! 


Historically speaking, the halving likes to brag about how bitcoin went goes up after.

Yet some people say and point to signs that prices went down after past halvings...

Confusing I know...

People are strange like that because technically when you look at it longer. It did both!

It will still continue to do both too.

The price of Bitcoin reaches Higher-Highs and Lower-Lows both before and after it is halved. 

Roughly around the time, it is halved, there is usually a lot of uncertainty in the air anyways.

This time though, we are a lot more confident in Bitcoin as a whole infrastructure continuing to work properly after an epic halving.

We are also more concerned over the fact that this is Bitcoin's first-ever test against a global financial crisis. 

And my oh my has it been performing well in response to the crisis.

Are we really only 40 days away from a history-making halving event?

On top of that, we are roughly 45 days away until markets return to normalcy?

Bitcoin might remain low, for now, it might remain low through April, possibly even May!

After that though, all hope points to June!

Through the halving, it will be lower, but as it naturally becomes more expensive. 

We will likely see the early results of that in June and a price rise there is inevitable!

3. Three Months of Rallying Potential

bitcoin chart trevor balthrop

(original image source:) https://www.newsbtc.com/2019/07/26/bitcoin-historical-monthly-performance-crypto/

This chart you see here was posted by someone back in June of last year 2019.

The remaining months were filled in by yours truly!

Looks like quite a bloody bearish ending for 2019 but at least much better than 2018 right?

Look closer!

April, May, and June of last year were all in the green and they dominate most of the chart in prior years as well.

So if April ends up in the red and May ends up in the red too, you can bet your bottom dollar (literally) that by June you will see profits again.

Whether we see green or not these next months, there should be no doubt in anyone's minds that June will be the official month of 2020 that shows Bitcoin's success once again.

People now will be wishing they bought in at current prices of around $6.5k USD.

As of this posting, it is at $6.8k USD 1:55 PM PST and earlier today we saw a price climb up to $7.2k USD!

There was a lot of talk in March about prices continuing to fall off the charts with some expecting $4k and even $3k days.

For now, we will see if that happens, and come June maybe I will update this chart to help keep it alive.

It is quite handy!

bitcoin giving trevor balthrop

Opinions aside, just know that you should really truly be spending your money wisely, especially right now. Health and Family first! Bitcoin after! Of course, I am not a professional advisor of financial anything. You should remember that when getting into Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. It is a risk and can result in major losses.

Especially if you quit doing it! As for me, I am going to continue stockpiling everything from digital assets to ass paper assets.

I'll use towels if I have to I don't give a sh**!

Good luck and hodl on readers! Thank you for reading!!!


Futurist, Public Figure, and official redheaded step son who sat out in the rain and rusted. Over 17+ years experience online, youngest person employed by Google at the time (2011), and huge blockchain enthusiast. He has been here, there, and everywhere!

Trevor Balthrop
Trevor Balthrop

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