20 Things Blockchain Is Changing
20 things blockchain and bitcoin will change trevor balthrop

20 Things Blockchain Is Changing

By trevorbalthrop | Trevor Balthrop | 12 Aug 2020

What is Blockchain?

A Blockchain is a growing list of encrypted records chained together using computational transaction data that consists of blocks and timestamps.

Blockchain records are designed to be resistant to tampering and modification for security reasons.

The fundamentals of blockchain technology came from "old" ledger keeping done mainly by accountants or bankers.

This technology removes the middle-man from things that were previously unaffected in a paper-driven "Centralized" world.

Data transactions are spread so widely across the Internet of Things that this creates a "Decentralized" solution for the connected world.

All of the benefits of Blockchain make it trustless, trustworthy, transparent, and wise beyond our own years.

Blockchain can be properly applied to all things.

20 Things Blockchain Will Change



① Banks & Money

Blockchain had to start somewhere and for most reading this at the moment. It started with Bitcoin!

Banks are centrally located whereas blockchains create the ability for banks to have no central location at all. 

Blockchain creates decentralization and a trustless way store value whether it is at a bank, in people's own pockets, or stored in Safes at home.

Bitcoin is known famously for running on this neat thing called the Blockchain!

Many people might say that Bitcoin is to thank for paving the way to Blockchain's future coming shortly.

Blockchain has been applied to Bitcoin and existing currencies such as USD, Euro, GBP, CAD, and even Gold.

Thanks to the properties of Blockchain there are what is called Stablecoins that inherently keep the same price value at all times.

Banks have recently been given watchdog approval to start holding these on behalf of their customers.

Soon all of the local banks will offer blockchain-backed Stablecoins.

Some banks might offer Bitcoin or coins of their own offering.

Imagine how crazy Blockchain has made Banking!

All Banks people know of best may start having their own ICO's.



trevor balthrop blockchain supply chains disrupt industries markets and everything

② Supply Chains

Blockchain is so powerful it will 100% disrupt and change the entire global supply chain.

Blockchain and Supply Chain?

Hmm. Maybe, it was already meant to be!

Applying Blockchain to banking and currency is one thing, however, it goes further than that.

Blockchain can be applied to technology that powers supply chains.

This would increase efficiency largely in every single area of the supply chain.

A shipyard would deliver containers with perfect accuracy to the correct bay hours before usual.

People's orders on Amazon would not be lost nearly as often.

Agriculture would operate more affordably and with less human interaction.

Even something as simple as supplying a receipt of purchase would benefit from Blockchain's properties.

In fact, when someone supplies a receipt it is a centralized system that supplies that receipt to a customer.

With Blockchain that system does not have to change on the outside.

Making the transaction, getting the service, and receiving a receipt of purchase is all the same. 

The Blockchain just takes that process and makes it public to see later instead of behind closed doors on paper. 

The Supply Chain is so huge and far-reaching that applying Blockchain strengthens the entire Globe.



trevor balthrop security cybersecurity bitcoin private privacy

③ Security

Blockchain changes security in ways that were previously thought impossible.

Cybersecurity changes, Private Security changes, the Military, and even Home Security will be changed by Blockchain.

Arguably many of these things have already made the switch to Blockchain or started to at least.

For a Parking Lot Security Guard, they might end up with a safer job on duty.

They might also benefit from updated gadgets that work better for their parking lot duties.

For the Military, it would benefit where it is always needed most and that is with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Home Security would be similar where the technology could alert neighbors to a nearby house fire that could spread.


The infamous staple for Blockchain changing security is how it handles tampering with data.

Skip having to pay a forensics team.

The Blockchain makes data transactions on the network instantly unchangeable and unpurgeable. 

Once something happens on the Blockchain it is there for all eyes to see if they have it in themselves to want to find out.

Once something is confirmed on the Blockchain same thing!

It is there for everyone to see who has access to the network of blockchain components.

Blockchain has made it increasingly difficult for people to cover their trails or get away with malicious exchanges.



trevor balthrop blockchain supply chains disrupt industries markets and everything

④ Travel & Transportation

When we travel we use RideShare programs like Uber, Lyft, or call a Taxi.

Sometimes people fly 1st class, no-class, or private jet if they don't have a helicopter waiting for them that day.

However people get around, changes are coming when Blockchain hits.

The same technology the Blockchain uses are what Smart Cars use to get around.

Aside from Smart Cars though, this technology makes getting around more efficient.

Less time is consumed, less energy, and overall less stress on this crowded system people live in currently.

The change might be slow in this area here nowadays, but the change is coming and it is an inevitable one.



trevor balthrop blockchain housing real eastate industry changes

⑤ Housing

Real Estate is an interesting and exciting area of change when it comes to Blockchain.

That's because when applied it could help fix areas of the Housing sector that felt impossible to deal with previously.

Blockchain introduces the option to have Smart Contracts, Lending, Dead Ownership, and a lot more.

In the Real Estate industry, there have already been purchases of homes using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

While a purchase is quite a strange thing to imagine, Blockchain makes it more possible, more popular, and more trustworthy.

It also has the potential to even out the playing field for the Housing Market!

With Blockchain, there is a potential impact to help with things like homelessness or overcrowding in big cities.



Trevor balthrop blockchain will change everything like insurance

⑥ Insurance

The Insurance Industry is going to get hit hard by Blockchain.

When they do it will benefit the consumers more because insurance companies will have a tough time getting away with shady activity.

Although, at the same time Blockchain and Insurance will also make it tougher for consumers to get away with shady activity.

It is sort of a less-realized win-win type of situation but overall what it does is good!

Consumers won't be able to commit insurance fraud and insurance companies won't be able to get away with anything either.

Under a Blockchain Insurance Policy, people would more efficiently deal with claims better.

If applied enough then Blockchain could potentially even submit an unbiased computer-generated claim the moment an accident occurs.

This might be kind of how it works today, but the difference here is that the claim is generated by an A.I. witness that has had no human input yet.

A quick and simple example of this would be a Car Accident.

There are two Car Owners who each have Blockchain Car Insurance.

Their Car is connected to the Blockchain 24/7 where their Insurance is sitting 24/7.

The two Car Owners get into a bumper-to-bumper accident.

Before either Owner gets out of their Car, the Cars have already told the Blockchain what the Car thinks happened.

The Cars exchange information, warn police, updates traffic maps, and prepares the insurance company almost immediately.

All before anyone gets out of the car!

There are probably many other ways Blockchain will change Insurance-related activity in the future.



trevor balthrop blockchain cloud storage bitcoin data it is changing everything

⑦ Storage

The Blockchain has revolutionized the way Data is stored in places like the Cloud for example.

Cloud was revolutionary in itself and now with the application of Blockchain it helped the Cloud "fill the skies".

Cloud Storage is one thing, but Blockchain is also changing the way other things are stored too.

Instead of storing products all in one location companies can use Blockchain to bring products together that were otherwise unknown or lost.

Let's say, for example, one store runs out of paper but another one of our stores nearby runs out of ink.

Both of the store's printers are connected to the Blockchain and send out orders for paper and ink cartridges to be delivered.

Both orders are placed and delivered correctly to the stores without the owners checking storage of any kind.

By cross-checking where things are stored, the Blockchain helps connect everything that wants to be connected. 

Blockchain and Storage is where Blockchain's power sets in where people realize how truly connecting it is.



trevor balthrop bitcoin btc artificial intelligence AI

⑧ A.I.

Artificial Intelligence has, of course, not gone untouched in the world of Blockchain.

It would seem sort of crazy to not apply Blockchain's intelligence to A.I. 

That's probably because Artificial Intelligence helped give birth to Blockchain just like Bitcoin helped make Blockchain notorious.

Blockchain and A.I. already intertwine in many ways so the difference maker here that makes the relationship better.

Is the fact that Blockchain creates a sturdier stepping stone for Ai.I. to advance.

A.I. before was only as smart as whoever artificially made it up. 

With Blockchain the A.I. is only as smart as whatever is made upon the Blockchain.

It basically turns the Artificial aspect of A.I. and makes it "Naturally Artificial".

Naturally Artificial Intelligence probably sounds pretty insane because it is!

It is nothing to be fearful of though because it still makes A.I. only as smart as its creator or creators.

Blockchain decentralizes the learning curve of A.I. which is an extremely important next step for improving A.I.



trevor balthrop bitcoin btc and the iot internet of things

⑨ IoT

Yes, the Internet will be changed by Blockchain.

It is easily one of the first areas where Blockchain was successfully applied even before Bitcoin was a thing.

The internet as we know it has been around for quite some time now and those days of having no internet are quickly fading.

Blockchain is to blame for the Internet's success.

Blockchain is to blame for Networks everywhere.

As we all learned long ago, the internet is this Open space of digital information floating around all the time.

Back in the day, the internet's usage was restricted only to those privileged enough to get access to it.

Only businesses or governments could access the internet & we are actually still very much toward the butt end of those days.

Except that these are all central entities that provide people access to the internet and it use to be that there weren't many places like this.

This may still be true in rural areas but for the most part now in 2020, people can go anywhere and find an internet connection.

Internet connections are expanding more and more every day with the help of Blockchain adoption.

If one company wants to defile another company's connection they would only be doing themselves a disservice now.

It used to not be like that!

Now companies benefit more from partnering with their competitor and it is all thanks to Blockchain helping make everything connected.


trevor balthrop bitcoin btc church charity volunteer work

⑩ Charity & Church

All people have wondered where our money goes after it leaves our pockets which is especially true when it comes to Charity.

For the most part, no one really wants to give their gifts or church donations to bad people.

There have been too many times this happens and it still continues to be a huge everyday scam.

With Blockchain it takes out the not knowing part of donating to a good cause.

It helps ensure that it actually went toward the good cause by providing more insight into where your donation went.

The transparency that Blockchain provides makes it tough for Charity Organizers or Church Leaders to allocate funds wrongfully.

Sadly, we still live during a time where this still happens in places we would least expect.

If Blockchain helps change things to make people of the Church and of Charity more accountable.

That's a pretty powerful force to be reckoning with. 



trevor balthrop government and voting bitcoin blockchain etc

⑪ Government & Voting

This subject seems to have been floating around a lot lately likely due to this being an election year in the U.S.

The truth is though, Blockchain is just getting started when it comes to Government.

Systems in Governments just don't currently exist that compare to the efficiency of Blockchain.

Voting is a great example of this, as we have seen lately, how it has been causing a lot of issues.

The process the Blockchain uses is literally a match made in heaver for Voting.

Blockchain makes Voting, accountable, faster, more accurate, and makes voting more widely available.

It is no wonder Politicians are scared of using Blockchain for Voting!

The implementation of Blockchain would ruin everything Washington D.C. has been able to get away with for so long.

An entire article can be written about Blockchain's effects on Government so this will be kept short for now.

However, with the decentralized nature of Blockchain, we could see a major Government disruption.

Our human ancestors have long dreamed about a day when people would invent true democracy.

That goal is what gave birth to the U.S. Government.

These historical people knew that for true democracy to exist, there needs to be no central ruler.

These historical people were trying to decentralize the rule of government to make all people equal.

They did not have decentralization back in those days so they came up with what we have today.


Long story short.

We have it now 😎



trevor balthrop healthcare and civil rights

⑫ Healthcare & Civil Rights

The Healthcare industry is arguably the area of life that needs Blockchain's benefits the most.

Good Healthcare is primarily based on the simple fact that we keep medical records of everything on everybody.

The current scope of things shows us that Medical Records are a flaming hot mess.

This is scary to learn considering we all may need to visit a hospital at some point during our lifetime.

Records are widely unorganized and consensus on certain practices often gets argued, blurred, or key points missed. 

Just look at the COVID-19 situation and the mess that it has caused.

In an ecosystem where medical records were more on the Blockchain this COVID-19 situation would have been easier on Hospitals & Doctors.

Faster, more reliable, more credible scientific information would have been shared earlier on.

It is possible that the implementation of Blockchain medically and scientifically could have prevented the crisis altogether. 

Access to good health is a human right that more people are realizing now.

Right now good health appears to be hard to come by and we owe it to civilization to make things better.

This leads to the next thing Blockchain will change which are Human Rights.

Human Rights fits in the same category because it is important.

Blockchain help hold Doctors accountable, Scientists accountable, and just as importantly it holds Patients accountable.

Instead of relying on patients to remember or FAX medical records all over everywhere.

The records are accessible the moment a patient gives permission to their Doctor. 

As far as Human Rights is concerned it extends further than just medical care too!

The Blockchain can be applied to Civil Rights issues such as workplace inequality, racial discrimination, and can even be applied to the Prison system.

People can live peacefully more when Blockchain makes sure their voice can be heard no matter what happens.

Whereas right now, it seems like for many they are never supported.



trevor balthrop bitcoin public welfare assistance

⑬ Public Welfare & Assistance

Now, this is not a post that is purposefully bashing on how old & crappy Government's systems are.

The fact that Blockchain is here before these systems have been updated should be upsetting to all!

There are people that receive forms of Public Assistance whether it is from the Fed, local City Counsel, Personal Loan, or Food Stamps

These public programs are great for those that need them so it is tough to complain.


They don't perform very well at all.

Although the welfare ultimately does do a great thing, getting through the process is nearly impossible.

Right now these things are based entirely on good record-keeping and human error. 

Since the Blockchain solves both of those things it seems like a no brainer why our communities need it. 

Faster assistance, accurate records, reliable systems, less stress, fewer employees, and most importantly a public that can enjoy itself better!



trevor balthrop blockchain better environment energy

⑭ Better Energy & Better Environment

The short story with this one is that Blockchain changes everything including our Environment.

Apply it to everything and it will impact our world's environment big time!

More efficient energy because of Blockchain is a huge win for eco-friendly.

Distribution of resources using blockchain makes that eco-friendliness even stronger.

The Blockchain applied to the energy sector paves the way for a Green future that is actually possible now. 

Better yet, the Blockchain helps us all see how this transition is possible moving to a more eco-friendly world.

Our environment will thank us for Blockchain one day after companies realize and implement Blockchain's properties.



trevor balthrop blockchain education

⑮ Better Education

The Blockchain technology people love so much now will also change something that doesn't see to change all that often.

With the Blockchain, a public record of educational materials would help scholars archive years and years of knowledge.

The knowledge that is both untrue and unknown would be on the Blockchain for educational institutions across the globe.

Even though our knowledge of everything may not change much, how we access it, who accesses it, and how it gets updated most definitely will change.

That's a big deal too!

A teacher on the East Coast would be able to access the same Educational tools at all times as a teacher on the West Coast.

Regardless of where a school is located or who is attending the school, the same educational facts can be supplied to those willing to learn.

Storing Education Records would operate smoother, grading would be easier, taking attendance would be automatic, and kids might actually enjoy school.

Blockchain is so fundamentally appliable to our entire world that teaching Blockchain to kids in school could become standard.



trevor balthrop blockchain art and music

⑯ Music & Arts

There are places that have already applied Blockchain to things like Art and Music.

The Music Industry can use Blockchain to benefit artists rather than record labels or corporate moguls.

Applying Blockchain to a music track makes it possible to see where that song has traveled.

The old days of thinking Royalties were a thing of the past are no longer thanks to Blockchain.

When this takes off better one day, people might no longer see record labels and independent artists might be all we see.

Another way Blockchain can be applied is to works of art.

After an art piece is created and placed on the blockchain.

The picture can be tracked for copyright requests or inquiries into details about the art piece. 

The possibilities of Blockchain here get really interesting, really exciting, and really creative.

Thanks to Blockchain we could see another booming age of Art one day hopefully in our lifetime. 


trevor balthrop blockchain retail ecommerce is changing everything

⑰ Retail & E-Commerce

Retail is not going away and E-commerce is partnering up with this industry. 

Blockchain is bound to change both of these things and already has started to.

When Blockchain is applied to things like retail people start to see changes like better product placement.

Surprisingly probably the biggest thing Blockchain does is it helps cut down on paper.

It also helps cut down on time, fewer employees, less paper, and provides better choices.

It's possible that with Blockchain we start to see the first humanless Grocery Stores or Disney Stores.

Self-checkout is creeping upon us and it's essentially the same thing as Blockchain.

Blockchains applied to bar codes, SKU's, money incoming, and money outgoing in real-time can be extremely beneficial to businesses.

When it comes to online this is also true wherewith E-commerce you might rely on Blockchain for tax reasons. 

That's just one example of course, but Blockchain overall helps with both Retail & E-commerce equally.

In fact, some might go as far as to say that Blockchain is what marries these two industries together once and for all.



trevor balthrop blockchain public projects

⑱ Projects & Crowdsourcing

This technology we have for Blockchain makes it easier for communities to pursue Public Projects.

Maybe the City wants new roads so they put it on the Blockchain for people to discuss.

Or maybe the neighborhood wants a community gate installed so they put it on the Blockchain for people to see.

Or maybe so-and-so passed away suddenly and everybody wants to pitch in for the Funeral.

Whatever the case is, Blockchain makes it easier for these decisions to work out.

Blockchain makes it easier for crowds to start good causes and fund public projects.

If funding the project we know that our money will be used correctly.

If you started the project it was easy for you to tell your city.

If you didn't fund anything and don't like the project the Blockchain will let you appeal the projects as well. 

The possibilities of how Blockchain is applied here is forever reaching and very powerful!

Our public communities deserve these benefits that Blockchain provides and we will see those changes in the future.



trevor balthrop blockchain marraige

⑲ Marriage & Relationships


Marriage was probably the last thing anyone would expect Blockchain to change.

The laws of Blockchain are not secluded to just marriage but to all relationships.

Marriage is an easier example for understanding how Blockchain changes everything.

Under a Blockchain Marriage both the Husband and Wife sign a Smart Contract that binds themselves to each other until death does them apart.

This sounds like a nerdy joke but as funny as it may read. Using blockchain to Marry people together isn't all that crazy of an idea.

There is no doubt it will be a thing of the future if it has not been done already.

Instead of signing a marriage license on paper, couples can exchange Blockchain Keys after they exchange kisses.

In the event, one of the lovely newlyweds breaks the contract they signed on their big wedding day. 

The contract keeps a record of this and makes going through divorce an easier process.

The contract also makes getting married easier and less stressful.

Here is a really odd thing to imagine.

Imagine getting married using Blockchain and then after getting married one of them runs away one day.

The person that runs away goes to get married to someone new but never settled their smart contract on the Blockchain of Marriage.

The only way for that Smart Marriage Contract to be lifted is if both parties agree or if someone breaks the contract's rules.

One of those rules could be that these two people are no longer considered married if one of them goes missing after so many days.

If the person that goes missing owes their old partner something valuable then the contract keeps track of this as well.

The Blockchain of Marriage even goes as far as to keep track of everything else you have on the Blockchain.

So that in the case of a dispute of valuables. The Blockchain can help settle differences in Divorce Court.

It is hard to disagree that this is not a strange concept but this will surely be a thing of the future with Blockchain


trevor balthrop blockchain will change you

⑳ You

Last but certainly not the last.

Blockchain will change you!

Blockchain is already on its way and it is already here.

It is important that you know it!

The fact that you even clicked on this post should make you proud.

You are already prepared for the future of Blockchain and how it will change things.

Now hopefully you are that much more prepared or at least have more thoughts for later. 

What do you think Blockchain will change?

Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below!


Thank you for reading!


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