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By Marekiaro | travel&vacation | 27 Apr 2020

Genoa is a port city and is the capital of the Liguria region. It is known for its important role in maritime trade over many centuries. In the historic center there is the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, in Romanesque style with a black and white striped facade and frescoed interiors. Narrow streets lead to monumental squares such as the Piazza de Ferrari, with the characteristic bronze fountain and the Carlo Felice opera house.



The Aquarium of Genoa is an aquarium located in Ponte Spinola, in the sixteenth-century ancient port of Genoa. At the time of the inauguration it was the largest in Europe and the second in the world. Owned by Porto Antico di Genova SpA and managed by Costa Edutainment SpA, it was inaugurated in 1992 on the occasion of the Colombiadi, or the Expo celebrating the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America. The design of the structure and the surrounding area is by the architect Renzo Piano, the interiors were designed by the architect Peter Chermayeff. It was subsequently expanded several times. At the time of its inauguration it was the second largest aquarium in the world. From opening to 2014, it has been visited by over 25 million visitors, with an average of 1.2 million per year.




The Cathedral of San Lorenzo is the most important Catholic place of worship in the city of Genoa, the metropolitan cathedral of the archdiocese of the same name. It was consecrated to the saint in 1118 by Pope Gelasius II when it was not yet completed and the facade was missing.


san lorenzo


Piazza De Ferrari is the main square of Genoa. Located in the heart of the city - and in particular in the ancient Portoria district - it represents its commercial, financial and economic center, as well as being the main point of reference for the most important events of city life.


piazza de ferrari


The Royal Palace or Palazzo Stefano Balbi is one of the major historical buildings in Genoa, which was included on 13 July 2006 in the list of the 42 palaces registered in the Rolli of Genoa, which became UNESCO World Heritage Site on that date. It is a museum complex consisting of the historic residence, the adjoining garden and the art gallery, the gallery of Palazzo Reale which constitutes one of the main city picture galleries. Located in via Balbi 10, a short distance from the university and railway station of Genova Piazza Principe, it is part of an important seventeenth-century architectural complex in the Genoese Baroque style, of which the representative interiors are preserved intact, from the frescoes to the stuccos , from paintings to furnishings. In 2015 the Royal Palace of Genoa registered 66 625 visitors.




The New Roads and the System of the Palazzi dei Rolli is the name of a site included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the historic center of Genoa. The Strade Nuove are a group of roads built by the Genoese aristocracy between the second half of the sixteenth century and the first half of the seventeenth century, when the Republic of Genoa was at the height of its maritime and financial power. The Palazzi dei Rolli are a group of noble palaces which, at the time of the ancient Republic, were obliged, on the basis of a public draw from the lists of public housing, to host the high personalities who were in Genoa on a state visit. They comprise a series of late Renaissance and Baroque buildings which typically have three or four floors "with spectacular open stairways, courtyards and loggias overlooking gardens". Many of the interiors, despite the passage of centuries and the heavy damage due to the bombing of the Second World War, present the original decorations of the greatest authors of the mannerism and Genoese Baroque.




Palazzo San Giorgio, or Palazzo delle Compere di San Giorgio, is one of the most important and well-known historical buildings in Genoa. It currently houses the headquarters of the Port Authority of Genoa. The building, included in the Molo district, is made up of two distinct parts: an older part, typical example of medieval civil architecture, with the façade facing the portico of Sottoripa, and a Renaissance one, facing the sea, in which prospect, overlooking via della Mercanzia, the short road that connects piazza Loading and piazza Cavour, near the ancient port, opens the main entrance portal. Initially called Palazzo del Mare, because directly overlooking the port docks, with the sea lapping its foundations, it was built on the design of Friar Oliverio, Cistercian architect and monk, around the mid-thirteenth century as the seat of the Municipality; it then became the customs headquarters and in the 15th century it passed to the Banco di San Giorgio, from which it took its name.


san giorgio


The Golfo Paradiso is a small gulf located on the eastern coast of the metropolitan city of Genoa, in the eastern part of the Gulf of Genoa, in the Ligurian Sea. The district, belonging to the metropolitan area of ​​Genoa, squeezed between the large municipality of the Ligurian capital and the promontory of Portofino, borders the Fontanabuona valley to the north, and consists of seven municipalities, five of which are on the sea and two are landlocked on the gulf. Recco and Camogli, the first are famous respectively for the focaccia with cheese, water polo and the fireworks of 8 September, while the second for anchovies, sailing ships and colorful houses overlooking the sea. From the point of view of services, however, Recco is the reference center of the entire Golfo Paradiso: the main public offices are located here and there is the only motorway exit. On 24 November 2014 the Union of Municipalities of the Golfo Paradiso was established, while on 5 December the constitution of the Union of Municipalities of the Valle del Tempo dates back.

golfo paradiso


Genoa is an Italian municipality of 578,000 inhabitants, the capital of the metropolitan city of the same name and of the Liguria region, the largest municipality in the region, the sixth Italian municipality and third in Northern Italy by population, fifth by economic movement. Belonging to an urban agglomeration of 862 885 inhabitants, the heart of a vast metropolitan area of ​​over 1 510 000 inhabitants, the city is part of the industrial triangle Milan-Turin-Genoa and is one of the most important economic centers in Italy, home to important companies such as Ansaldo Energia, Ansaldo STS, RINA, Fincantieri, ERG, Leonardo, IIT, Duferco Energia, Costa Cruises, as well as hosting the prestigious Boat Show every year. Since 2006 part of its historic center, the Strade Nuove and the System of the Palazzi dei Rolli, is included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and in 2004 it was the European capital of culture. Bordering the municipality of Bosio, in Piedmont, it is the only municipality in the metropolitan city that extends from the sea to the regional border in the north.

Overlooking the Ligurian Sea, its history is linked to the seafaring, commerce, industry but also to banking institutions. Its port, the largest in Italy, is one of the most important in Italy and Europe. The "physical" symbol of the city is its lighthouse, known as the Lanterna, while it is traditionally represented by the Cross of San Giorgio, in the coats of arms supported by two griffins. For over eight centuries the capital of the homonymous republic, Genoa has been cited with the names of "La Superba" and "La Dominante". Genoa is also the city in which the Italian anthem was composed.

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