Cyrpto has literally kept me sane!

By Pauldini | Travels of a Crypto Noob | 21 Feb 2021

Greetings my invisible friends.


Ever felt like the only lucid person in the asylum? more rhetorical questions.


Between Brexit and Corona-World, my friends have scattered, my family is in psychological tatters, my businesses are closed by government dictat, my plans are on hold and I am a quasi-prisoner in my own house...Obviously I am no lone Martyr in this. I'd also bet I'm not alone in crypto having played a crucial role in sustaining my sanity and keeping life fun at these mind-churning times.


A small caveat: In my humble opinion, 2020 and its potentially uglier offspring, 2021, while being a fairly bumpy ride, are basically opportunity mills. Stagnation was the Planetary condition...for me all that has gone. Plans abound and await only the will to enact; this always was true, but now we have the accelerant of habits being broken en masse, including our own. For every negative, there will be positive, and negatives this large can and will open up many wonderful things. The biggest of these for me was finally jumping into the Crypto-sphere.


Crypto, to me, represents the power to make any choice. Couple that freedom with a World where choice seems an artefact of a former time and one is left with a feeling of floating above the fray. Regardless of how the World spins, I have the tools to spin any way I choose...if I make the right plan...could there be a more empowering thought at these times?


The thought of wasting time terrifies me. FOMO – but only for life itself. Lockdown was making me itchy. That was until the day my exceptionally wise friend showed my how to buy some BTC, ETH, ZIL, NOIA, SNTVT, GNY and SNX I have been springing out of bed like a wet-nosed spaniel eager for the day. Since then, my portfolio has grown, my knowledge has grown, I have made more money than I imagined already and my plans have expanded. Lockdown has become a lucrative and interesting opportunity.


Lets not also forget the happy fact that so many great Crypto projects represent some of the best opportunities we have, to have a say in the formation of the future architecture of our Society and our Economy as a whole. Simply they give the most plausible hoping of cracking the great egg of centralization. As a self-professed Luddite, the learning curve for me has been steep, but the journey of understanding has been empowering and educating...Now the prospect of my financial success being linked to the success of a decentralized web, or free peer-to-peer payments...or even a potentially bank-less future is thrilling to say the least.


Crypto's greatest joy is in the sharing. In my nascent 72 days of being a token-holder (a baby I know!) I have already sat three people down and showed them how to buy BTC – trying to give others the gift of financial self-empowerment. Having watched loved-ones scatter to exotic shores, crypto has been helpful way to reach out to people and make real connections.


Basically, the Crypto-sphere, at its best, represents us, and our future, at its best, and I owe it more than any profit it will ever make me, by teaching me so much and making me as excited for the day as when I was five years old, especially during a time when so many have so much foreboding.


Peace to you all – HODL FREE!

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Travels of a Crypto Noob
Travels of a Crypto Noob

My Crypto coming of age...

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