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By Cryptotexty | Travel: Roads & Books | 10 Nov 2023

So I'm writing not only a book about cryptocurrencies, I decided to write a book about Kyiv. Actually, I wrote already about Kyiv and I have a big collection of photos (made by me) and walking routes, some of which may even be not in use by professional tourist guides. I thought to write a book about Traveling in Ukraine (and I have the material) but I decided to separate other cities, locations, places and Kyiv. Because anyway Kyiv I know the most. I lived all my life in such a great city. And with all the modesty I can say that few people know Kyiv as well as me.

The additional motivation was provided by iam4iam from Den.Social. I already mentioned that I try to use as many crypto-blogs as possible, and my primary reason is not the financial gain - but the amount of readers. If I have some readers on the particular platform - I will remain there. So Den.Social is not among the major crypto-blogs (at least for now) but it has an interesting system, community, and concept. So I saw the post where iam4iam was proposing to buy MTR (one of Den's currencies) and I suggested selling mine, but then he proposed to send me some USDT and I will post about my country. I agree as it's a great idea. And I will write with a focus on publishing a book later.

That's also not the first of my books published on crypto-blogs. I already have "Rating 5.0. Blablacar Stories" - which you can buy for $2.99 on Amazon or Kobo. I really have almost 0 sales, as I don't have time to promote it. But, anyway, as I wrote it post-by-post in some time starting from 2021, I was already rewarded by crypto-blogs and my readers. I have no idea how much it was, but I suppose overall was maybe few hundred dollars (as in 2021 and part of 2022 crypto market was in another condition).

So the books about Kyiv hopefully will be structured soon and I will include the feedback of my readers in the final version.

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Travel: Roads & Books
Travel: Roads & Books

Travel Blog: "Roads & Books"

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