Ecological dishes and cutlery - bran instead of plastic?





The Polish company Biotrem, manufactures disposable crockery and cutlery from wheat bran. It does this without subjecting the bran to chemical processes. This is possible thanks to the technology created by Jerzy Wysocki.

Jerzy Wysocki came up with the idea of ​​making dishes and cutlery when he was dealing with the problem of utilizing bran from mills that are waste. A large mill, processing about 100-300 tons per day and thus produces 100 tons of bran, from which you can produce 1 million plates. For the production of dishes Biotrem uses a raw, unprocessed product, exactly the way it comes out of the mill. In order for the bran to turn into plates, all you need is water, an extruder and the right temperature. Such plates or bowls can be used for serving hot, cold or fatty and oily dishes, and even used for baking or heating in ovens and microwaves. They are suitable for composting and they are decomposed in 30 days. You can eat them too!

Can you? - You can

Source: Biotrem
Photo: Biotrem

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