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By Stat1c | Travel opinion | 2 Apr 2020

My one week vacation in Morocco costed me 350 Euros in total, including the plane ticket, accommodation, food and souvenirs purchased there. If you think a little, it really is, but it is worth mentioning that I did not travel very much through the country (I was only in Marrakesh and Essaouira)

Transfer from the airport

Bus 19 connects the airport with Jemaa el-Fnaa market, the ticket costs around 2 euro and 70 cents, but the return (to the airport) costs around 4 euro and 50 cents .


In Marrakesh I stayed at the Hostel, which is 5 minutes from Jemaa el-Fnaa (6 Euro per night), at the accommodation in Marrakesh i also had included breakfast consisting of a flat bread / bread with butter and honey and tea / coffee. I liked the accommodation alot. The building was very cool. Always in the afternoon I retreated to the roof terrace, lounging on a bed in the fresh air. it had a folding roof that was drawn to enter the light, and in the morning the birds chirped.

Transport to Essaouira
I bought the bus ticket from the bus station, there are two companies that have routes  to Essaouira: CTM and Supratours, CTM being cheaper. For a round trip ticket bought from CTM I paid (13 Euro), the only problem being that CTM has its own buses, from where they operate. The morning I left I set up at the Marrakesh Central Bus Station and started looking for my coach, the bus being a place where dozens of people pull you in and try to sell you a ticket outside.  

Entries to museums
Generally the entrance costs (2 euro), with the exception of the Maison de la Photographie (3 euro), Madrasa Ben Youssef (2 euro) and Jardin Majorelle, which is also the most expensive (6 euro and 30 cents)


I didn't do any, nor did I bother to find out which ones are recommended.


I ate all over the place, including from the places on the street that looked unhealthy by European standards, I ate quite a lot of tajine (3 euro and 50 cents a cheap tajine, 5 euro a tajine next to Jemaa el-Fnaa), tajine being a food like a stew that is cooked in the pot with the same name, over low heat, for a long time.

In Jemaa el-Fnaa market I tried everything: orange juice (it is full of stands selling "orange" at 40 cents  the glass), huge salty almonds and cashew (16 euro 1kg), pricomigdale with coconut kernels sold by berberi (10 cents, in Essaouira I paid 20 cents on an almost double pricomigdal), boiled snails (1 euro the bowl), peppermint tea (2 euro  at Café de France), some pancakes made on the street (50 cents piece), strawberries (1 euro  casserole in Marrakesh, in Essaouira the kilogram costs 1 euro and 50 cents), fried fish in Essaouira (2 euro) etc.

If you go to Morocco, relax. Take it easy and do not go with absurd expectations, invariably there will be things that will annoy you, this is the cultural shock. Do not build an artificial and idyllic image, unrelated to reality, about the romanticism of Morocco and the camel ride through the desert, so that you do not get to blame them all for not conforming to your "reality". Morocco is such a fine and rich place in colors and experiences that you cannot get bored there, but at the same time it is a different universe, which you can only know by accepting it as it is and looking at it carefully: you have to to look and see and to put everything in a larger context, because no country is alone and isolated in the universe.


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Traveling prices, taxes, best places (countries) to visit. Happy situations. My opinion.

Travel opinion
Travel opinion

Traveling prices, taxes, best places (countries) to visit. Happy situations. My opinion.

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