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Dark sky, dark buildings, a cold wind like ice - after a few days there I understood the Scots' passion for whiskey and pub culture, you must survive in the Land of Mordor (where the Shadows lie

Edinburgh - it is the decoration suitable for stories with sorcerers: a medieval city, cobbled streets, Georgian buildings, narrow color called "close", ladies with owls and cashmere shops, a hilltop castle and old cemeteries filled with snowshoes.

St. Cuthbert's Church
As you go to the castle you come across this church with an old cemetery and a café in the church crypt.

The old City
Princess Street and High Street are Edinburgh's main tourist thoroughfares: shops, museums, churches and cathedrals, almost everything of interest in Edinburgh is concentrated here.

Calton Hill and Nelson's Monument
Not a very high hill, with a few monuments and views over the city and Edinburgh Castle.

Scottish National Gallery
I discovered here the works of Calum Colvin, who plays with optical illusions and combines photography, painting and installations: one of the works was 3D (you need to have  glasses for 3d ), in others the image changes depending on how you move. Admission is free.

Dean Village
On the last day I caught the sun with my teeth and visited Dean Village, a charming neighborhood with gardens, a walking trail along the river and 19th century buildings

Useful things

Through Edinburgh I just walked, the city is not very big and everything of interest is concentrated in the central area. If transport and accommodation have not cost a great deal, food and drink are expensive, as are Scotland's specific products.


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Traveling prices, taxes, best places (countries) to visit. Happy situations. My opinion.

Travel opinion
Travel opinion

Traveling prices, taxes, best places (countries) to visit. Happy situations. My opinion.

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