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Some info that you need to know if you want to visit Canada:

You no longer need a visa for Canada, but before you leave you must obtain an electronic travel authorization (eTA) , for which you fill out an online form and pay a small fee (around 5 euro ). The approval comes by email, I received it after a few minutes after applying.

It is mandatory to get the eTA before leaving for Canada. There is no need to print anything, but you will be asked at the airport if you have an eTA, and upon arrival in Canada they will check the system for approval. eTA is related to the passport you applied for, so if you change your passport in the meantime you need to apply again for the eTA (in Canada they will check your passport number approval).

Even though no longer needed a visa, I still spent over an hour on arrival at the Montreal airport. First you have to go to a machine that scans your passport, takes a picture and gives you a receipt that you walk to at 3 counters, the last one having a mini-interview in which you are asked what you are looking for, if you have relatives in Canada, if you have enough money, etc. The guy who took this interview with me wanted to see the internal air tickets and because they were with all the reservations he stayed and looked through all the printed documents. Once again it was a good idea to print my bookings and tickets purchased online, I didn't have to answer additional questions.

hostels : from case to case I paid between 20-30 euros / night.

Local transport
Everywhere I have used public transport, in some tourist cities, such as Banff, there are also tourist bus routes that connect various tourist objectives outside the city. Also in Banff, there was a free shuttle that linked various large car parks and sights, such as Lake Louise, or a paid shuttle over longer distances.

Public transport in cities, a bus or subway ticket costs around  1.90-2.70 euros, it is probably more profitable to get your subscription. You can pay the driver cash, but you have to have fixed money with you, nobody gives you rest. As an exception, in Banff on one of the tour buses, because the driver had no rest and I was out of town (I could not stay there), he gave me a voucher with which I went to one of the partner shops and we recovered the money. A very good idea.

The prices displayed do not include VAT, which is added when you pay for the product. VAT is made up of federal and local taxes, and the total - Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) - reaches 13%. Very rarely the price displayed was the final one and this is only for products with low prices, such as a bottle of water, etc

In conclusion, traveling there is not complicated, but it is quite expensive - there are places cheaper than North America,

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Traveling prices, taxes, best places (countries) to visit. Happy situations. My opinion.

Travel opinion
Travel opinion

Traveling prices, taxes, best places (countries) to visit. Happy situations. My opinion.

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