Greece - Islands - Cyclades - Amorgos - Beaches: Ammoudi
Amorgos - Ammoudi Beach

Greece - Islands - Cyclades - Amorgos - Beaches: Ammoudi

By Publish7 | Travel in Greece | 11 Jun 2020

Amorgos - Ammoudi Beach

Ammoudi is a very small, isolated, beach in the south east of the village Arkesini. This beach is only for the real 'adventurous' people as it is only accessible on foot. From the Loza square, in Arkesini, you will find a 30 minutes long 'wild' path leading here. For this reason I believe this beach is NOT suitable for small children. Even I slipped a few times over loose rocks. Ok, I have to admit here that I walk everywhere on sandals ;-).

The beach is covered with small pebbles and has like most beaches here crystal clear blue waters. Because of the rocky underground, it is very nice to practice snorkeling/scuba diving here. Many beautiful fish can be observed here. (because of the remoteness).

Ammoudi Beach

As not many people make the effort to step down this path, most probably you will enjoy this beach in a 'private' way, all day long.

Also be aware that there is no accommodation at all. If there is anything you might need (drink, food, bed or umbrella) make sure you take it all with you! You will not even find a single tree here. So it advisable to take a lot of sun cream if your are sensible to the sun.

Ammoudi Beach 2

As this beach is on the east side of the island, make sure you return back 'in time' to Arkesini. The sun sets very rapidly here and you don't want to find yourself, in total darkness, on the rocky path back!


LOCATION  : 36°46'54.8"N 25°49'06.0"E (36.7818889 25.8161393).
TYPE           : PEBBLES.


  • NOT CHILD FRIENDLY (rocky path leading here).




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