KIWI Proof of Work Token

By tux3do.crypto | Travel by Crypto | 14 Aug 2020

KIWI is a community project and one of the first mine-able ERC20/918 tokens. No pre-mine or ICO. Thus, it has intrinsic value, fair distribution, and no corporate agenda.



KIWI is used in crypto currency payments, NFT trading, engagement rewards, and community development. It is a natural choice for community-driven creative work. As a standard Ethereum ERC token, KIWI is 100% compatible with all Ethereum-based services and dApps.

Kiwi POW


KIWI can be solo-mined using CPU or GPU using surplus capacity and otherwise wasted energy - a perfect starter project for a prospective Crypto currency miner.



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Travel by Crypto
Travel by Crypto

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