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My Bitcoin Cash Goal and Plans for 2021 (Promoting & Exploring BCH)

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I have been an avid fan of cryptocurrecy up to the point that I even patronize sh!tcoins. I got a bit of profit from these coins but it was never stable. Its so hard to predict if a new coin is gonna be a success or not. You just really have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. This is what I lived for more than 6 months. And its something that I want to change.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been there sitting pretty when all of that things is happening in my cryptocurrency journey. I am not sure why I never laid my eyes on BCH sooner. That is one of my regrets for sure. But now that I have a chance to get to know BCH, I will not let go of it now. That is for sure!

2021 is a new great year for me, for all of us. That is something that I claim every single day. Im gonna make sure that 2021 is the start of my best cryptocurrency years. The start of my amazing journey with BCH.

I am currently invested on XRP and Bitcoin Cash and I am using Binance for my trading and exchanging practices. I am in a lot of trading groups in Telegram just to get more insights and opinions from other traders, expert traders for that matter.

January of 2021 has been a good month for me, at least when it comes to cryptocurrency. The best thing that happened to me in the month of January is my discovery of and These two amazing platforms just boosted my confidence to achieve my cryptocurrency goals, especially my BCH goals which I will list below.

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Goal #1: Promoting BCH

My very first goal is to be able to share BCH to the world by starting to promote it in my local community.

I actually made an article about this, its a general action plan which I will put into details in the next few weeks. Read here: BCH Awareness: What can I do to promote BCH?

Giving back to BCH is what I first thought of doing this year. I am sure I am not the only one who have this in their to-do list but its something that I will do.


Goal #2: Helping people with the use of BCH

I was so inspired to put this in my goals for 2021 because of this amazing person @bmjc98 . She created this wonderful cause formerly called as "Charity Box" and recently renamed to "The BCH Charity Box". They are actually in their third week now and they were able to help three poeple from across the world.

For more information about this heartwarming cause, you can check for articles about it here: bmjc19

It would be very much appreciated if you will be able to help this cause. In any case you want to extend your help, feel free to contact @bmjc98 . Thank you!


Goal #3: More investments with BCH

I believe that BCH will sky rocket real soon. In order to prepare myself for that, I am really pushing myself to stick with BCH and put most of my funds in it.

I do have a decent amount of BCH as of the moment. Lately, I have been buying BCH in moments that its price dumps.

The potential of BCH to overtake these other stable coins is very high. With a lot more platform promoting it such as our beloved and, BCH will be very known to people all around the world real soon. We just have to wait for that moment to come.

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This is my current list of goals that involves BCH. I know for sure that I will be adding more goals as my crptyo journey continues.

Its really important to have goals and plans. Seeing them being fulfilled will bring you great and self satisfaction.

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